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Written by Simon Simonn

Our products are used for professional film and photo shoots. The creative revolution has led us to develop specialized products, not only for the art of hairdressing but all the cosmetics sector.

: // daily gossip of opheliac rp.▲opheliacdaily

Chicago Tribune Weather
Written by Brad Walters
Weather articles from the Chicago Tribune.

It's Just Life !
Written by Dawn Thompson
As I age, my readers age with me ! Starting from my middle school days, ending sometime in the future. Advice, stories, and more (:

Written by

Yasmin Findly
Written by Yasmin Findly
If your true passion is about entertaining people through your talent like acting, dancing, and everything that has to do with the art of performing, visit Natricia Bernard Resources.

Tracc Films
Written by Chris Fay
A film production company who finds the sweet spot where your key messages meet a highly targeted, responsive audience.

Network Marketing Strategies
Written by jonathan brome
Tips,techniques and strategies to help any networking distributor to recruit more distributors into their team.

Buffalo News Sports Paper
Written by Nick Hobbs
Buffalo Bills and Sabres articles and opinions from the Buffalo News.

Dev Digital Nashville
Written by Mitch Ballard
Dev Digital is a professional web design and development company located in Nashville. Offers quality web services, social media, iphone apps development and SEO services to all size of business.

Written by Ana Cristina Margu

Hendriksholm valg
Written by Dan Friis-Wichmann

Energize Your Business
Written by Damien Butler
Utilizing groundbreaking marketing systems along with world class energy provide the resources to help your business dominate your local market and live the life you desire and deserve.

International Times Culture
Written by Tyjuan Dahl
News and articles from the culture section of the International Business Times.

Aquarius Rising
Written by James Mitchell
This publication will address the issues facing humanity today and will provide spiritual insight and information for the Golden new age that is to come

Blarg Times
not really

Written by Asha Edgerle
A game played on a rectangular field with net goals at either end in which two teams of 11 players each try to drive a ball into the other's goal by kicking, heading, or using any part of the body except the arms and hands. The goalie is the only player who may touch or move the ball with the arms or hands. •The World Cup is the biggest soccer tournament in the world. It is held every four years in a different country. Billions of people watch the televised games as the national teams from countries around the globe battle it out for soccer supremacy. •The 2002 World Cup was held in two places—Seoul, South Korea and Tokyo, Japan. Brazil won the 2002 World Cup and also has won the most World Cups (five) since the tournament began in 1930. The Women's World Cup was played in the United States in 1999 and again in 2003, and the U.S. won their second Cup in 1999 when Brandi Chastain scored in a penalty shootout to defeat China. The German team took the 2003 Women's World Cup. •Gerd Müller, who played for West Germany in the 1970 and 1974 World Cups, held the career record for most World Cup goals with 14 until he was surpassed by Ronaldo of Brazil in 2006. As of August 2008, Ronaldo holds 15 World Cup goals. •The University of North Carolina has won an incredible 16 national championships in women's soccer since the first tournament was played in 1982. •The United States' Major League Soccer made its debut in 1996, shortly after the wildly successful 1994 World Cup was hosted by the United States. •Brazilian striker Ronaldo was named the Most Valuable Player of the 1998 World Cup, even though his team lost in the championship game to France. THe has also been named World Player of the Year three times. •In 2002, Germany's Oliver Kahn became the first goalkeeper to win the Most Valuable Player of the World Cup. •Mia Hamm, a star forward on the U.S. women's national team, was once a two-time national collegiate player of the year for the University of North Carolina. She was on the 1996 and 2004 Olympic gold medal winning U.S. team as well as the 1999 World Cup team. •The Women's United Soccer Association (WUSA) made its debut in 2001. Eight teams participated, and Brandi Chastain's Bay Area CyberRays won the inaugural league championship over Atlanta. The league disbanded in 2003.

Written by Whatever Whatsup

Economia azi
Written by ioana ded
Contine date economice si ultimele stiri din viata economica a lumii. Are un scop pur informativ.

Top5 reasons to study in Europe
Written by Alix Smith
We are the #1 scholarship portal in Pakistan for Study Abroad. If finds anything contrary please feel free to contact us Euro Study Consultants Study Abroad ,Study Consultants, Studying Abroad

International Times Politics
Written by Tyjuan Dahl
News and articles from the politics section of the International Business Times.


Written by Angela Andrei
Economie studiaza modul in care indivizii,firmele si guvernul fac alegeri care determina folosirea resurselor.

Pediatric Education News
Written by Everette Tessler
A Pediatric Digital Library and Learning Collaboratory intended to serve as a source of continuing pediatric education.

SAS Data Roundtable
Written by Sam Gardner
The Data Roundtable is a forum where industry thought leaders come together to share the spotlight and discuss data management topics

Mineral News Today
Written by Ashley Zelenka
Minerals are the building blocks of our society. We use items made with them every day.

The Non-Human Tribal Empire Nation News
Written by Shawn Jynn
The Main News Paper For The Non-Human Tribal Empire Nation.

The Real World
Written by Naomi Bennett
I started this for school.

Written by seyedmehdi mostafavi

chorhoi news ajk news
Written by tahir azam
chorhoi news paper tahir azam nanoorve

Gulliver Travel Paper
Written by Vince Gorin
Our correspondents inform and entertain business travellers with news and views to help them make the most of life on the road. From

Haiti's Telegraph
Written by Courtney Jenkins
One of the poorest and least developed countries in th

What no one talks about
Written by Anonymous X
Just a lot of real things.

The Guardian Natural Weather
Written by Eric Blackmon
Natural Disasters and other weather from the Guardian.

Written by P B
Everything political.

The AM Review
Written by jessica caramico
All the news that's fit for AMs

Written by Cassandra Holder
A guide for sassy women in business who love getting away, retreating in tropical hotspots and immersing in high-level think tanks.

Buffalo News City and Region Paper
Written by Nick Hobbs
City and Region articles from the Buffalo News

The Bomb
Written by Sheryl Gray
The Bomb touches on every aspect of human life and will show you how you can improve your experiences. How do we maintain our sanity in this society? We work, survive, thrive, but on what?

the daily express
Written by Sanjay Shah

The word is
Written by amber lowery
About pop culture

Rotary Focus
Written by Dinesh Gajeelee
Un journal avecc les nouvelles du Rotary dans le monde

The Faerie's Forward
Written by Leopard Light
This article is about the faeries and their peaceful ways of life and I am about to reveal long lost secrets that may help fairy lovers but to people with a bad intention they will give away no secret
Written by Maruf Bd

The Summer Edition
Written by Amelia Matthews

Written by Şükrü Bulut
gümüşhane haberleriündem29

Makuhwa muZVISH Daily
Written by
Our paper comes with local content,,stories,events,you want just in the palm.Know whats happen in ZVISHAVANE

Monitor Food News
Written by David Brooks
Recipes and articles about food from Christian Science Monitor.

Tafila News
Written by Tafila News
Tafila News is the first online newspaper from Tafila/Jordan this newspaper I hope with it Fight corruption and clean my country because of corruption

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