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Written by ASK US US

Written by Tumi Mushlush
We expo all public figures!!

Written by Sooze Blues & Jazz

Ohio Populist Sentinel
Written by Erica Heisler
The Ohio Populist Sentinel is edited by Erica Heisler, MBA, a resident of the Central Ohio area.

Golden Rain News
Written by carlos Soto
Publica en AmarillasInternet!! Publicidad de alto alcance a bajo costo. Un producto sofisticado, simple e intuitivo. Recibe Gratis más info Carlos Soto 520-339-2400

Marketing Videos
Written by Damien Butler
Video can be used to educate your customers, build trust and make sales. It's a significant marketing tool for small business owners. Marketing to customers hot buttons ensure your video effectiveness

90 minutos y mas
Written by
Se pone interesante la liga de fifa soccer club

Written by Gil Gonzalo
sds sadsadsa dsad sadasdasdasdas

The Character's Courier
Written by Vanessa Alvarez
The most obvious lessons come from the fact that Tom, even though he has all of the money in the world, is miserable and unliked. We can learn that money does not buy happiness. So many of us spend

Written by Times South Africa
The allocation of the estate of Dr. James Moore, the American oil magnate is yet to be announced as the will states the heiress as yet unfit to run her father's businesses without a legal marriage

The Unjiya Times
Written by vivek unjiya

The Vegan Lifestyle
Written by Angela Coombes
Information, recipes, interviews and resources for living a kind, compassionate lifestyle. Updated on a fortnightly basis.

The telegraph
Written by
West brom fpl are close to signing irish player damien fleming on a free transfer.WBA are understood to have been scouting him from 12 months and will are expected to announce the deal in a few days.

Mid South Toys For Tots
Written by Victoria Lane
Mid South Toys for Tots' goal is to help less fortunate children in certain areas of Tennessee,Mississippi, Arkansas to experience the joy of Christmas. We sponsor events to raise funds to buy toys.

Written by Riya Saxena
Feel the beauty of nature :)

Concordia Chronicle
Written by Mady Bailey

Written by Allie Ozley

Colonial America
Written by Hayleah Castilleja
The Boston Tea Party was an act of direct action protest by the American Colonists against the British government in which they destroyed many crates of tea belonging to the British East India Company, and dumped it into the Boston harbor. The incident which took place December 16, 1773, was a major catalyst of the American Revolution and remains an icon event of American History.

Can You Live With the Voices in Your Head?
Written by
Angelo, a London-born scientist in his early 30s with sandy brown hair, round wire-frame glasses and a slight, unobtrusive stammer, vividly recalls the day he began to hear voices. It was Jan. 7, 2001, and he had recently passed his Ph.D. oral exams in chemistry at an American university, where, for the previous four and a half years, he conducted research into infrared electromagnetism. Angelo was walking home from the laboratory when, all of a sudden, he heard two voices in his head. “It was like hearing thoughts in my mind that were not mine,” he explained recently. “They identified themselves as Andrew and Oliver, two angels. In my mind’s eye, I could see an image of a bald, middle-aged man dressed in white against a white background. This, I was told, was Oliver.” What the angels said, to Angelo’s horror, was that in the coming days, he would die of a brain hemorrhage. Terrified, Angelo hurried home and locked himself into his apartment. For three long days he waited out his fate, at which time his supervisor drove him to a local hospital, where Angelo was admitted to the psychiatric ward. It was his first time under psychiatric care. He had never heard voices before. His diagnosis was schizophrenia with depressive overtones. Enlarge This Image Photomontage by Suellen Parker Angelo remembers his time at the hospital as the deepening of a nightmare. On top of his natural confusion and fear over the shattering of his psychological stability, Angelo did not react well to the antipsychotic he’d been prescribed, risperidone, which is meant to alleviate the symptoms of schizophrenia by reducing the level of dopamine in the brain. In Angelo’s case, the pills had a predominantly negative effect. His voices remained strong and disturbing — an unshakable presence, quiet only in sleep — while he grew sluggish and enervated. “If you think of the mind as a flowing river of thoughts,” he told me in an e-mail message, “the drug made my mind feel like a slow-moving river of treacle.” Several days into his stay, Angelo’s parents flew to the United States from London and took him back home. More than six years later, Angelo still lives at his parents’ house. He currently takes a cocktail of antidepressants and antipsychotics, with tolerable side effects, and sees a psychologist every two months to monitor his medication. The pills help Angelo to manage his voices, but they have not been able to eradicate them. Shortly after his return to London, he made an attempt to resume his career, accepting a research position at the university where he had received his undergraduate degree. He lasted eight months (his neighbors heard him screaming at his voices and called the police), checked himself into the hospital for six weeks and returned home. Despite these setbacks, Angelo has maintained his optimism. He is eager to discover new ways to combat his voices. Not long ago, he found one. In November, his psychologist informed him of a local support group for people who hear voices, from which he thought Angelo might benefit. Angelo began to attend the group late last year. I first met Angelo at a meeting of the group in mid-January. (I was given permission to sit in on the condition that I not divulge the participants’ last names.) The meeting took place in the bright, cheerfully decorated back room of a community mental-health center in North Finchley, an affluent, grassy suburb in the northern reaches of London. The gathering was small but eclectic. In addition to the group’s facilitators — Jo Kutchinsky, an occupational therapist, and Liana Kaiser, a social-work student — five men and women assembled in a circle of bulky wool-knit chairs around a worn coffee table. Besides Angelo, there was Stewart, a young, working-class Londoner with a shaved head and a hoop earring; Jenny, an affable woman in her 50s who spoke of her fondness for arts and crafts; Michelle, a heavyset woman who dominated the session with her forceful opinions; and David, a 60-something man with a thick gray beard and a pageboy haircut who slumped in his seat and dozed throughout much of the meeting. Angelo was the newest member of this group — it was his third visit — and he did not seem inclined to participate fully. When Kutchinsky opened the meeting by asking each member to discuss the previous week’s experience hearing voices, he softly mentioned that his voices made it difficult to read, then quickly ceded the floor. What followed was sometimes painful. Stewart in particular was visibly agitated. His hallucinatory life, as he described it, was chaotic and irrepressible. He heard voices pleading to him for help; he heard the voices of strangers; he heard the voice of his father. Sometimes he heard the voices of military commandos, who offered to defend him against this confusion. “I haven’t been well for a long time,” he said glumly. Yet most of the members spoke of their voices in the way that comedians speak of mothers-in-law: burdensome and irritating, but an inescapable part of life that you might as well learn to deal with. When David’s name was called, he lifted his head and discussed his struggle to accept his voices as part of his consciousness. “I’ve learned over time that my voices can’t be rejected,” he said. “No matter what I do, they won’t go away. I have to find a way to live with them.” Jenny discussed how keeping busy quieted her voices; she seemed to have taken a remarkable number of adult-education courses. Michelle expressed her belief that her voices were nothing more exotic than powerfully negative thoughts. “Negative thoughts are universal,” she said. “Everyone has them. Everyone. What matters is how you cope with them: that’s what counts.”

Caesar Times
Written by isabella baisden

Written by anup jamsandekar
All ews related to ipl 7.

The CSG Times
Written by kees bezem
As you may know people are really going to freak out because they want to know when the server releases.

Written by boney meyn
It is not only power that corrupts men and women. Even its absence, and yearning for it, has a corrupting influence—at least in India. Almost every second day we are informed about some study or estim

Truth Matters
Written by Noreen Briddigkeit Quinn
We all have a desire to find the truth behind the news we are served up through mainstream media. Many of us see that party political loyalty determines the content of news. This "Newspaper" will dig and tell the whole story and we will follow up on reports that quickly disappear from mainstream.
Written by Baxter Hankin
Where Minors Voice Political Opinions

Written by
welcome 2 hiphop newz

The Daily News
Written by gmb gom
they are good

Written by Michele Geary
a writer of fashion

Written by ramjheetunn karishma
this newspaper is made to promote mauritian talents throughout the net to every part of the world.

Nashville Brewery Tour
Written by Elliott Cunningham
Nashville and Middle TN is experiencing great growth in microbreweries offering some of the best craft beer in the country. Join on a virtual tour of Middle Tennessee’s exciting growth.

Chicago Tribune Breaking News
Written by Brad Walters
Breaking news from the Chicago Tribune.

Media update
Written by Scott Tucker

The Facts
Written by Naomi Bennett

Wednesday Times
Written by Ally Sereda
All Wednesday updates

The World at War
Written by Justine Cieslik
Get updates on the second World War inside! Information on the Holocaust, the war in the Pacific, the war in Europe, and the Homefront.

Stiri economice
Written by Alexandra Bianca Ciobanu

World News
Written by Danielle Nicholson
Some people are wondering is this case relevant today. Well I don't think so because now all of the banks have more protection and security that no one would be losing money out of their bank account.

Batterie Pour ASUS A42-G74
Written by mei zhi
Batterie Asus A42-G74 atteint la fin de sa vie utile Question: «Il ya eu une couple de fois que j’utilise l’ordinateur et il sera complètement noir hors-même si elle a encore chargé Quand j’essaie de

concrete batching plant for sale in Kenya
Written by concrete ma
Haomei are professional machinery products manufacturer-featuring a wide range of quality concrete batching plant, mobile concrete batching plant, concrete pump, concrete mixer etc

Reuters Politics News
Written by Louis Downey
Politics news from Reuters.

Detroit Life News
Written by Mike Izzo
Life and home articles from the Detroit Free Press

Crownpoint Daily Times
Written by Trevino Louie
At the start of the season we asked "The Starting Five," (Trevino Louie, Rashaan Ramone, Dylan Tolino, Steven Chischilly & Lance Halona) how they want their season to start. As the only seniors on the

The paynesville Mosquito
Written by Zoe Frost

The Tiger Times
Written by Charles Herzog

metro arena
Written by sir stryder
hahahahah lawak siot

Between The Towns
Written by Parker Rossignol

Gamboa Gazette
Written by Gabriella Gamboa

Written by shellene hervieux

NCIS Forever
Written by John Caldwell

Anonymous Events
Written by Anon Online
Welcome to the first edition of Anonymous Events. Here you will find all details worldwide of upcoming events, News etc.

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