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The World Journal
Written by James Wiseman
This is a newspaper that tells about things that are happening in the world.

The Carthage star.
Written by
Things happening around the world

Gamboa Gazette
Written by Gabriella Gamboa

concrete batching plant for sale in Kenya
Written by concrete ma
Haomei are professional machinery products manufacturer-featuring a wide range of quality concrete batching plant, mobile concrete batching plant, concrete pump, concrete mixer etc

Macbeth Being King
Written by Adriana Rodriguez
Extra, extra, read all about Macbeth! Macbeth has been acting extra suspicious lately when he was crowned king and after the death of Duncan. Don’t you wonder why? Well, at the Banquet he had last nig

Eye of the Tigers
Written by WECA Tigers
This is a high school newspaper created entirely by students at Wilson Early College Academy in Wilson, NC.

Written by Sumantra Mukherjee

Daily News
Written by Raghavendra Padasalgi

The Peasants Paper
Written by Emily Hilton
Today our revolts ended but were we lucky to get away with it or were we stabbed in the back by “King Richard" He killed our leader, destroyed our ambitions and makes our life hell but somehow he’s

Inspiring People
Written by Haley Friedland
Bob Marley is an inspiring person to people everywhere. With the peace, love and harmony put in his music. Marley was born in Nine Mile, Saint Ann, Jamaica on February 6, 1945. Not only did he insp.

Written by shellene hervieux

Written by Anderson Kuo

Information Security
Written by Alex Smith
All about Information Security.

Newsroom Free Press
Written by John Brown
NewsRoom Supplying You With The Real News From Around The Globe.. Featuring News From The Occupy Movement.. The Other 99%.... Governments lies.

The Griffin's Report
Written by Sedona Joynt
In this special edition of The Griffins Report we will be talking about the politically influenced mass murders in Latin America

Hines News
Written by Joe Hines
This paper will inform the Hines Family
Written by Maruf Ali

Accounting Concepts Study
Written by Chris Alleman
Accounting review for all areas of the field.

Reuters Politics News
Written by Louis Downey
Politics news from Reuters.

Chicago Tribune Breaking News
Written by Brad Walters
Breaking news from the Chicago Tribune.

Vancouver Weekly
Written by kelsey declare
Tragic death of olympians mother

Written by sk bhadr5a
indias leading online live news service providing all parameters of news.... contacts 91 8420028200

daily smart news
Written by anand shinde
daily smart news

The Thurston Times
Written by Wes Murry
The Thurston Times is a community-based newspaper that features articles from members of the Thurston County area in Washington state.

Congress of Vienna
Written by Portia Akins

the 2nd Republic
Written by 2nd Republic
the 2nd Republic

The Outcaster
Written by Ivori Holson

Cameron's Chronicle
Written by Cameron Dale
Can you count how many fridges you own? I have recently met a man that would take out the world record for the most working fridges. George Farei from the village of Koorawatha has over fifty fridges that he has found over the past twenty years. "My last job was at the local tip," George Farei said, "I was in charge of the recycling." George was very surprised at the amount of working fridges that were dropped off every week. He could not understand why people were throwing them out. A fellow employee quoted, "Every lunchtime there would be no sight of George and we all thought he had kept working to get up extra hours for the day." "We all eventually figured out he was looking at the fridges that kept coming in," said the fellow employee. Over the years George has collected many different brands of refrigerators. However, the Hitachi brand is the most popular in his yard.

Iowa super hero club
Written by Avik Tiwari
This is finding real superheroes for the future of man kind

Nuclear Weapons: Do we really need them????
Written by Marcella Hamilton
We live in the 21st century, a time where the power of a nation is measured by the force and the impact of their weapons. The most famous word of the planet is “peace”, but the most common practice

Romeo and Juliet
Written by lil dejesus
Romeo and Juliet found died . Friar lawrence tell us the truth explaining how all of this happened. Juliet was suppose to marry Paris but she did not love him. She loved Romeo. Romeo is a montague. Which we all know that the montagues and the Capulets are enemies! But young Romeo did not care that Juliet was a capulet. He was so inlove with her that they both decided to get married secretly. Friar lawrence has said that he was the one responsible to marry Romeo and Juliet. But Romeo was banished from verona Itlay that same day. The capulets not knowing that Juliet is married to Romeo tell her that she is getting married on thursday with Paris! Juliet did not want to marry Paris so she takes a sleeping portion to act as if she was died! Instead of her weeding day became her funeral! But Romeo never found out it was all an act so he went to Juliets tomb laid beside her and died by a death portion. They were found died this evening. Along with Paris who got in a fight with Romeo before Dieing. Romeo Juliet ans Paris will be missed.

Written by Sirlei ostrowski

Tiger Times
Written by Charles Herzog

The Weekly Response
Written by Sophie Simon
Sophie Simon is the smartest girl in the whole third grade (practiclly the world).

Written by Rintu Chowdhury
Satsang is a man making industry. It is establish by reknown spritual guide Sri Sri Thakur Anukul chsndra.

International Times Tech
Written by Tyjuan Dahl
News and articles from the Technology seciton of the International Business Times.

Written by Ketan Pagi
Netalog Jab vote lena ho to bina siceurity ke aate he jab jeet jate he to unhi logo ko se dar lagata he tabhi to siceurity rakhate he.

Samantha's News
Written by Samantha Mcmillan

Pakistan Haxnama
Written by Pak Haxers
This is a weekly Pak Hax newspaper, which contains all the spicy and inside Hax news.

Written by tationia rucker
Cornelios Woody was born in Miami Florida where his mother tented to raise four sons and four daughters struggling on a day to day basis to make ends meet. As a child him and his twin brother were kidnapped by his aunt Gloria and were forced to live with her in Detroit along with his aint Linda, uncle Steve, and cousin Randy. Awhile later his mother relocated to Detroit to retieve custody of her boys. His mother boyfriend, his step dad Eugene had animosity against them because none of the kids were biologically his and that left the chilrden open to be mistreated and neglected. But one thing that seemed to take away all his hurt and pain and bring some good times is looking forward to seeing Sabrina and Harold. But one day their father Harold left them with a fourteen year old boy who found a loaded gun and shot Sabrina dead in the head. That came to be his first emotional toll in life. After that he didnt seem so have that feeling toward any woman afterwards. He would leave from girl to girl breakin up with the next. Living in Detroit becase extremely stressful.He felt depressed, burdens weighing heavily upon him, unable to stay focused because his mind was unstable. Although he wasn't the fighting type his whole mentality changed when his twin borther came home beaten.He went to school and stabbed a boy. He was then transported to juvenile for thirty days. He was later released to six months of probation. He and his twin was then introduced to the drug life by his sisters boyfriend ,brother, Crack cocaine to be specific. They got addicted to the money flow and soon dropped out of school. On November 12, 1986 his twin brother was murdered in cold blood while asleep on the living room floor, shot in the head.He then moved to Miami, then back to Detroit where his proposition was to attend Detroit Job Corps. Then he met Nicole, his first love who conceived his first child. Soon she was too apart of his drug life and they became the new Bunny and Clyde. As the embarked on many of life's tribulations, Cornelious was faced with an executive decision to choose between hatred or love, and life or death.

MGR Peran Times
Written by Ana Cristina Margu

Alabama Tina
Written by Tina Lee
Mobile Lee

Detroit Life News
Written by Mike Izzo
Life and home articles from the Detroit Free Press

Generales en la UNA es Chiva!
Written by juan hernandez
Web 2.0: Producción de Periódico Estudiantil

Written by Pablo Calderon

Written by Ana Cristina Margu
Indian daily newspaper

American Democracy Times
Written by Casey Fowler
Thoughts and opinions on America’s kinetic brand of politics. The blog is named after Alexis de Tocqueville’s study of American politics and society. It is from

Global Connections
Written by Global Connections
Where Aviation Matters

Team 31 Women's Basketball Paper
Written by Steven DOLAN
Team 31 Women's Basketball Paper focus on Women's Basketball around the globe.

The Bengal Observer
Written by tarak ghosh
The Bengal Observer is an online newspaper from Kolkata

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