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Singer Tony Bennett

Singer Tony Bennett's career, paintings on show in New York
Written by Reuters on 2017-05-08

NEW YORK Legendary singer Tony Bennett may have left his heart in San Francisco, but the native New Yorker was in his hometown on Wednesday celebrating his long, prolific career as a singer and a painter.Bennett, known for his traditional pop standards, big band, show tunes and jazz music, was thrilled with a collection of 40 of his paintings and screenings of his performances in a new exhibit titled...(Read More)

Australians win race up Taiwan

Australians win race up Taiwan's tallest skyscraper
Written by Reuters on 2017-05-09

TAIPEI Two Australians won this year's race up Taiwan's tallest skyscraper on Sunday, climbing 2046 steps in the annual "Taipei 101 Run Up". Some 4,500 runners from 36 countries took part in the race to the 91st floor of the Taipei 101 tower, which is among the tallest buildings in the world.Australian Mark Bourne won the men's event with a time of 11 minutes, 24 seconds. Australian Suzy Walsham...(Read More)

Some Chinese migrant workers feel targeted by Beijing

Some Chinese migrant workers feel targeted by Beijing's clean-up of ancient hutongs
Written by Reuters on 2017-05-11

BEIJING The Chinese capital is sanitizing its ancient hutong alleyways, home to millions of migrants workers and thousands of small businesses, bulldozing illegal constructions and forcing shops, bars and tiny courtyard restaurants to relocate or go under.As part of guidelines unveiled in April, authorities have started to brick in doors of properties along the narrow passageways, many of which date...(Read More)


London's river and its secrets
Written by Reuters on 2017-05-12

LONDON London's River Thames has been the lifeblood of the British capital since the city's origins as a Roman garrison town around 2,000 years ago. The artery through which the world's trade passed at the height of the British Empire, its banks were lined with factories that drove the industrial revolution but left its waters biologically dead. Now, with power stations transformed into galleries,...(Read More)

Fighting addiction at a Thai monastery

Fighting addiction at a Thai monastery
Written by Reuters on 2017-05-13

SARABURI, Thailand Cengiz seemed to have it all. A high-paying job in Germany's tech sector gave him money and prestige, but his life was spiralling out of control. A cocaine addiction had pushed him to the brink of suicide.Desperate for escape after waking up one morning in a pool of his own blood, he found salvation half a world away at a Buddhist monastery in Thailand known for its drug rehabilitation...(Read More)

For world

For world's super-rich, a pink diamond is forever
Written by Reuters on 2017-05-14

LONDON For the world's super-rich, the investment of choice is increasingly a very rare naturally pink diamond, an asset class that this year has set records at auction.Tobias Kormind, managing director of 77 Diamonds, which has a shop in London's Mayfair district and sells online, says the trend for coloured stones has gathered strength as the world emerged from financial crisis."Very savvy investors...(Read More)


Egypt's auto rickshaw gets a new, home-grown challenger
Written by Reuters on 2017-05-15

CAIRO In his workshop near Cairo's pyramids, Ahmed Saeed Omar has manufactured a mini four-wheeled vehicle that he hopes will fill a gap in the market.Omar's "mini car", a rectangular vehicle made of a solid steel body which seats up to six people, is cheaper than the widely-used imported auto rickshaw -- not much more than a covered three-wheel scooter with a passenger bench -- because it is almost...(Read More)

Smoke alarm: Indonesians take tiny steps against Big Tobacco

Smoke alarm: Indonesians take tiny steps against Big Tobacco
Written by Reuters on 2017-05-16

JAKARTA A neighborhood in the Indonesian capital has informally declared itself a smoke-free zone as students plan further protests against what they see as an increased effort by cigarette companies to target the young. Indonesia has one of the highest rates of smoking and is the world's fourth-biggest cigarette producer, mostly of the pungent "kretek" clove and tobacco variety, but parliament has...(Read More)

When Noah meets Emma: Top U.S. baby names for 2016

When Noah meets Emma: Top U.S. baby names for 2016
Written by Reuters on 2017-05-17

NEW YORK When 18-year-olds register as first-time voters in the 2034 U.S. congressional elections, many of the signatures will include the names Emma and Noah.The two names topped the lists issued by the Social Security Administration of the most popular names given to U.S.-born girls and boys in 2016. It was Noah's fourth consecutive year at the top of the list of male names, and Emma's third on...(Read More)


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