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Volunteering at the Airport

From RSVP Connections; Written by Patricia Dowling on 2011-12-29
Volunteering at the Airport

At 5AM, when most of us are still asleep, Bill Hale has already travelled from his Lockport home to the Buffalo Niagara International Airport (BNIA). But he isn’t catching an early flight. He’s a BNIA Volunteer Hospitality Ambassador from 5am to noon, 4 days a week.
After retirement, Bill felt he was “wasting away.” While surfing the net, he found RSVP’s website. Based on his skills and interests, RSVP set him up to volunteer at BNIA. It turned out to be a perfect match. He began volunteering at BNIA in 2007—and already has contributed over 5,000 hours of service there!
Bill says: “I found what I was looking for at the airport --- a chance to talk to all kinds of people, and deal with challenges that come with that. I’ve helped passengers who spoke Chinese, Spanish, Italian, and many other languages. Surprisingly, the people he finds most difficult to understand...(Read More)

Top News Stories of 2011

From Extra Extra Read All About It; Written by Katie Luce on 2011-12-28
Top News Stories of 2011

Every year it seems that all the news programs come out with a report on the top stories of the year, so I decided to have my own report for 2011.
I chose what I think are the top 10 stories of the year. These are in order by date.

1. January 8: Gabrielle Giffords and 17 others were shot at a public political event in Arizona. Giffords survived and six died, among those a nine year old girl.
2. March: Charlie Sheen was fired from Two and a Half Men. Videos of interviews with Sheen went viral on youtube.
3. March 11: A tsunami and earthquake hits Japan, killing at least 15,000 and resulting in a nucear crisis. More than 160,000 people still remain displaced from their homes now.
4. April 29: Prince William marries Kate Middleton at Westminster Abbey in a wedding ceremony watched worldwide by an estimated 26.2 million viewers on tv and 400 million on youtube.
5. May 2: It is announced...(Read More)

World Junior Championship Round Robin Report

From Hockey Heaven; Written by Steve Dowling on 2012-01-01
World Junior Championship Round Robin Report

The 2012 World Junior Championships are in full swing in Edmonton, Canada. The best teams always seem to be Canada, Sweden, Finland, Russia and the United States. As usual, the same teams played well this year, except the United States. The United States lost 3 games in the round robin portion of play, knocking them out of medal contention. Canada won every game to get a first round bye, as did Sweden on their side of the draw. Team Russia is the defending champion. The games are being played in North America for the 4th straight year.

The Buffalo Sabres have 2 prospects playing in the tournament. 2010 first round draft pick, defenseman Mark Pysyk, is playing for Team Canada. 2011 first round draft pick, forward Joel Armia, is playing for Team Finland. The tournament is very good indicator of how NHL-ready a player is. A player can vastly increase or decrease his draft stock by his play...(Read More)


From RestorEarth Record; Written by Richard Dowling on 2011-12-18

The force of nature is a beautiful and powerful thing. In western New York, we have a reputation for having “bad weather”. We actually have some of the nicest weather in the country. Though our winters are a little too long and dreary, our summers are filled with sunshine and moderate humidity. No 100 degree days that would melt a person’s soul.
We have earthquakes but no damage; snow and rain but only slight flooding; no mudslides; no long droughts. Out autumns are comfortable and filled with Crayola colors, while our springs are green and lush with our many, many gardens restoring the earth and uplifting our spirits.
In October, we had four days of high winds with gusts between 40 and 50 mph.
My wife and I went to Buffalo’s Outer Harbor to feel the force of Mother Nature and take in the waves. It was fun to see the waves of Lake Erie violently crashing over the...(Read More)

Tim Tebow Mania Sweeps the World

From Web Daily News; Written by Steve Dowling on 2011-12-18
Tim Tebow Mania Sweeps the World

Tim Tebow is arguably the greatest college football of all time, however when he entered the NFL, he was highly criticized for his playing style and abilities. Not being a classic pocket passer, Tim Tebow is forced to play the game with his legs, imagination, will and leadership. Tebow is a devout Christian, third-world missionary, and truly puts his life in the hands of God. This is much of the mystique around Tebow, and that has grown over the course of his first NFL season as starting quarterback.

Tebow took over for the Denver Broncos when the team was 1-4 and clearly out of the playoff picture. However, Tebow found ways to win football games, despite putting up bad statistics. Going into today, Tebow was 7-1 as a starter, including 6 4th quarter or overtime victories. Many people find that much of the reason he wins these games is because of his faith. On an NFL Films video, Tebow...(Read More)

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