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I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas

From Extra Extra Read All About It; Written by Katie Luce on 2011-12-13

One big question that is on many people's minds is whether it will be a white Christmas. For the past few years the traditional Christmas snowfall has been lacking in Buffalo, disappointing many. Even those that hate snow seem to like the glistening coating on the trees, ground and rooftops on Christmas.
Based on statistics from 1961-1990, the New York state has a 56% chance of having a "white Christmas" defined as having at least one inch of snowfall. The chance of having five or ten plus inches are significantly lower. However, remember that this is for all of NYS and Buffalo gets significantly more snow per year than NYC so the chance is likely higher in Buffalo. Historically, Buffalo is actually said to have a 60-75% chance of having a beautiful, white Christmas, but a recent article in the Buffalo News says otherwise, putting the city at a low 57% chance. Syracuse and Utica have...(Read More)

Miracle Babies

From Extra Extra Read All About It; Written by Katie Luce on 2011-12-15
Miracle Babies

Melinda Star Guido was born on August 30, 16 weeks before her December 15 due date. Her mother had a serious pregnancy complication called preeclampsia, which causes very high blood pressure and excessive, rapid weight gain after the 20th week of pregnancy. This condition is very dangerous for both the mother and baby.
In Melinda's mother's case, she had to deliver by emergency C-section in her 24th week. At 24 weeks a baby is still very underdeveloped. This is the earliest point at which a baby is viable. The top picture is Melinda just after birth. The bottom is Melinda now, a few weeks before she is able to go home.
Baby Melinda weighed barely a half pound at birth, about the same weight as a can of Coke, making her the 3rd smallest baby born in the world. Her skin was so thin that she could not protect herself from infection. She was not able to eat on her own as swallowing and sucking...(Read More)

What's in a Name

From Extra Extra Read All About It; Written by Katie Luce on 2011-12-12

When I was in grammer school, there were three Katie's in the class. I was one of them. In high school, there were even more Katie's, Kate's, etc. Now, there are seven people in my class with some version of the name Katherine. In 1987, Katherine was 28th in popularity. People often asked if I hated having the same name as everyone else.
The truth is, I never minded having a common name; even if it meant being confused for someone else on numerous occasions. I really like my name, and I personally never understood how people could name their children things like "Orangejello" or "Abcde". It seems like cruel and unusual punishment to me.
Some people would say that these names are "unique". In my opinion however, these names are anything but unique. They're just weird. I don't even know where people come up with this stuff! Can't parents take a little more responsibility in...(Read More)

Most Visited Tourist Attractions

From Extra Extra Read All About It; Written by Katie Luce on 2011-09-25
Most Visited Tourist Attractions

Even with the depressed economy, people have been traveling more than previously, according to a recent report. International arrivals are up 6.6 percent with the US being the second most visited country behind France.
As the second most visited country, the US holds nine of the ten most visited attractions. The top two most visited attractions in the world are Times Square and Central Park, respectively. Number three is Union Station in DC. Spot four goes to Sin City - the Vegas strip.
The next spot, number five, is a little surprising to most Western New Yorkers. Niagara Falls, NY and Ontario, is very popular among not only international travelers, but regional travelers as well.
Grand Central in New York is the next most visited attraction, though quite a ways behind the other two NYC hot spots.
Faneuil Hall Marketplace in Boston is next and with street performers, hundreds...(Read More)

HIV Infected Organs Transplated

From Extra Extra Read All About It; Written by Katie Luce on 2011-08-31

The National Taiwan University Hospital in Taipei transplated five organs from an HIV positive patient yesterday. The 37 year old male patient died after a fall and subsequent week long coma. His kidneys, liver and a lung were transplated into four different patients at the hospital; which is one of the best regarded hospitals in Taiwan. The heart was given to a man at another nearby hospital.

You may be wondering how in the world did this happen? According to reports, a hospital staff member misheard HIV testing results given over the phone. "Reactive" was heard as "non-reactive". A full investigation is underway.

What does this mean for the patients though? All five patients received an apology from the hospital. Personally, I don't think an "I'm sorry you will likely get HIV because of our negligence" is going to cut it. The hospital is giving the patients HIV prevention...(Read More)

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