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Follow The Plate to Our New Home

Follow The Plate to Our New Home
Written by David Brooks on 2017-07-01

Dear fans of The Plate,We are thrilled to announce that The Plate has a clean, new look. Expanded white space makes the text more readable, and our amazing food photos from around the world leap right off the page, and maybe, right onto your dinner plates.We will still bring you the amazing stories of how food shapes us and our environment, how people connect through meals, explore global cultures,...(Read More)

'The Exile' is a nearly day-by-day account of Bin Laden's life post-9/11
Written by David Brooks on 2017-06-04

Long before the War on Terror launched in the wake of the 9/11 attacks, Osama Bin Laden was at the top of the Most Wanted Lists of the FBI and Interpol, sought in connection with half a dozen bombings and the founding of the terrorist organization Al-Qaeda. He was a very recognizable man with a substantial price on his head, and the hunt hugely intensified after 9/11. The world's most wanted man...(Read More)

'The Road to Camelot' takes a fresh look at JFK's 1960 campaign
Written by David Brooks on 2017-05-11

The standard mythology surrounding Senator John F. Kennedy's long campaign for president in 1960 hits all the right notes: the rich, scheming father declaring his intention to sell his son “like corn flakes”; JFK's dry quip that although his father was willing to pay for a victory, he refused to foot the bill for a landslide; and the stereotypical smoke-filled rooms in Boston's Bellevue Hotel,...(Read More)

'My Life with Bob' is a rollicking, intimate journey to a booklover's heart
Written by David Brooks on 2017-05-01

Besides being a widely published journalist and the author of four previous books ("By the Book," "Parenting, Inc.," "Pornified," and "The Starter Marriage"), Pamela Paul is the overseer of books coverage for The New York Times, and the editor of The New York Times Book Review – only the second woman to helm the venerable publication since its inception in 1896. Paul’s appointment was one effective...(Read More)

'Hamlet Globe to Globe' chronicles the most idealistic theatrical tour ever
Written by David Brooks on 2017-04-26

It’s perhaps no surprise that if you spend two years taking a production of “Hamlet” to nearly every country in the world, you’ll have stories to tell for days. Dominic Dromgoole squeezes as many as he can into his irresistible new book, Hamlet Globe to Globe.Dromgoole, artistic director of Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre in London from 2005 to 2016, writes that the wildly ambitious tour, which...(Read More)

'99 Poems' is Dana Gioia's celebration of the human endeavor
Written by David Brooks on 2017-04-21

What is life? How do we confront it? Why do we so often squander it?Award-winning poet and critic Dana Gioia has made a career of facing such questions head-on. Gioia, the former head of the National Endowment for the Arts, sent shock waves through the poetry world with his 1991 essay in The Atlantic titled “Can Poetry Matter?” Today 99 Poems: New & Selected serves to reenforce Gioia’s...(Read More)

'Hallelujah Anyway' celebrates all in life that is worthy of praise
Written by David Brooks on 2017-04-16

Anne Lamott’s recent literary outings – “Help, Thanks, Wow” in 2012, “Stitches” in 2013 – have been bite-size books of spiritual reflection slender enough to slip into a pocket or purse. “Small Victories,” which came out in 2014, was a bit thicker, mixing new essays with previously published material.The compact scale of Lamott’s work these past few years is a case of form following...(Read More)

'A Little Book on Form' asks: What's the right shape for a poem?
Written by David Brooks on 2017-04-11

Many people who dislike contemporary poetry say they prefer work with rhyme and meter, while those who prefer free verse often abhor the constraints of fixed forms. A Little Book on Form, by Robert Hass, Pulitzer Prize winner and former poet laureate of the United States, offers insight for both groups.The book evolved from notes and reading lists Hass compiled for a seminar on form he taught at...(Read More)

'Over the Hills and Far Away': a pleasing re-telling of the life of Beatrix Potter
Written by David Brooks on 2017-04-06

Once upon a time there was a little girl named Beatrix Potter who lived in a big house in a big city.  Most days she played by herself in her third-floor nursery.She didn’t like the city; she loved the country.   And she loved animals.  So she smuggled many different creatures – rabbits, mice, hedgehogs, snails, even lizards – into her tiny world. As she grew older, Beatrix got better...(Read More)

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