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Carnival Breeze

Carnival Breeze
Written by Katie Luce on 2013-01-21

Carnival Cruise Line, known as the "FUN ships" are a great way to take a vacation and see sites all over the world. I recently returned from a 6 day cruise to the Grand Turk and Montego Bay, Jamaica on the Carnival Breeze, which was amazing!
The Grand Turk was a beautiful island. The beach was pristine and the water was the clearest and bluest I have ever seen. There were nice shops right outside...(Read More)


Giordano's - Chicago's Best
Written by Katie Luce on 2012-11-26

Chicago - famously known as the "Windy City", famous for being home to the tallest building in the United States and possibly most of all, famous for deep dish pizza.

In my opinion, as well as many others one of the best deep dish pizzas you can get in Chicago is Giordano's, located at 730 N. Rush St.

Giordano's classic deep dish pizza, known as their "stuffed" pizza, is loaded and stuffed...(Read More)

Fun in the Sun

Fun in the Sun
Written by Katie Luce on 2012-08-17

Pensacola Beach in Pensacola, Florida is an amazing place to visit and vacation in. Also known as the "World's Whitest Beach", Pensacola is located along the Gulf Coast in the Florida panhandle. The sugar white sands and beautiful clear water are only two features that make Pensacola such a desirable place to visit. Along the miles of beach there is something for everyone. Some areas are bustling...(Read More)

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