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How Does The Yoozpaper Work

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How Does The Yoozpaper Work

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The Yoozpaper is the newspaper on which combines the most popular articles across the entire network of all Yoozpapers, whether individual or group. Every time an article is read or commented on, another view is counted. The 5 most viewed articles are on the front page of The Yoozpaper. There are also sections for news relating to world, business, arts, sports, weather, technology, education, home, and travel. When an article is written, the Yoozer classifies it to a category. The 5 most popular articles for each category goes onto their respective page and can be read from there.

Only articles from papers which have the rights set to public are eligible to make it to The Yoozpaper. This maintains their privacy rights. The articles that are on The Yoozpaper are articles which are written within a specific period of time. For instance, currently articles written within the past 30 days are eligible to be on The Yoozpaper. As more articles are written, this date will come down.

Yoozers can also create custom papers which can be back-dated and customized Yoozpapers. For instance a Yoozer may want to see articles which were written 30 to 60 days ago. They can check this by all articles, category, keyword and category, or strictly keyword.

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Yoozpaper is a social network of online newspapers written by individuals or groups. Yoozpaper takes free articles that members write and formats them as an online newspaper.

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