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Which is More Embarrassing?

Written by on

Which is More Embarrassing?

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I'm not exactly sure which is more embarrassing to me and the world. The United States Congress or the NHL. The ineptitude of our elected representatives, senators, and yes, the President, regarding the fiscal cliff, which pretty much makes us the "laughing stock" of the world ( no one is really laughing). Everyone knows this is no laughing matter. I feel we should vote all our representatives out of office for their failure to do their jobs. I'm sure if you and I were as indecisive and let very important decisions that needed to be made, go on for a long time, we would be out our jobs.
For hockey lovers, there is the NHL lockout. When I hear that both sides, the players and the league, can't even agree on a time to meet, or they meet, but in separate rooms, this provides very little hope.
The holiday season is the season of hope and love. I HOPE both the NHL(players and league) and congress, can get their acts together, because I would LOVE some NHL hockey and our country to be strong, respected, and a world leader, like it once was.

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