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Corasanti Found Not Guilty Of Manslaughter

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Corasanti Found Not Guilty Of Manslaughter

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Dr. James Corasanti was found not guilty by a Buffalo jury on all felony counts before him. This included vehicular manslaughter in the 2nd degree, manslaughter in the 2nd degree, leaving the scene of a fatal accident, and tampering with evidence. He was found guilty of DWI, a misdemeanor that carries a sentance of up to 1 year in jail.

Corasanti was accused of fatally hitting Alexandria Rice with his car on July 9, 2011. He was severely under the influence of alcohol. He left the scene of the accident and tampered with the evidence.

Along with many, I am outraged at the verdict. Who was on this jury? Could they even read? At the very least, Corasanti was clearly guilty of leaving the scene of a fatal accident and tampering with evidence, as he basically said all of this during his testimony. He claimed that in his drunk state, he did not know that he had hit the girl. Are you kidding me? If I am driving and I hit a stick I look back to see what I hit, let alone a human being. I would have found him guilty on all counts.

Erie County District Attorney Frank A. Sedita III said he was "absolutely astonished" when he heard the jury acquit Corasanti on the leaving-the-scene count. "My sense of things was the case was sold by Dr. Corasanti's testimony," Sedita said. "I could be wrong about that. That's my best judgment." "The jurors found reasonable doubt," Sedita said. "They believed the claims and explanations of Dr. Corasanti," Sedita said. "Personally, I didn't believe them. I wasn't on the jury." A man sitting next to Tammy A. Schueler, Rice's mother, shouted an expletive at jurors as they walked out of the courtroom. A court officer escorted him out of the courtroom, but he re-entered minutes later. The family of Rice left the courthouse without speaking to Sedita or reporters.

With this verdict, it basically means that, if you have a good lawyer, you are free to get as drunk as you want and drive with no consequences other than DWI. If I get hammered tonight, go out driving and kill someone, I can just tell the same sob story that Corasanti gave and get off. It is a joke.

My only belief is that karma will take full effect in this situation.

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