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Welcome to Grumpy Old Man News! This paper will be a collection of personal complaints and pet peeves; things that are observed to be wrong with life and the world. Some of these articles will be short and to the point; others will be longer , with I hope, a little more substance.
Although I don't view myself as old, or grumpy for that matter,I'll use this paper as a forum or sounding board to express some, how can I say, trivial observations. Nobody likes a complainer, so I expect that no one else will read any of these stories. I'm fine with that! Unlike most newspapers, this is not meant to be a vehicle for others to learn from or be enlightened by. This paper will give me the chance to sound off, about topics, events and sometimes mundane day to day occurrences, that will, hopefully keep me from complaining too much to the people around me and the ones I love.
This paper gives me the opportunity to express some real viewpoints on everything from personal rantings, local blunders, and national and world politics. Even though I stated no one else will probably read these articles, it's time to get started and in the Yoozpaper tradition, make my news known.

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