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Tribute Day is September 13

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Tribute Day is September 13

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The Buffalo Zoo is a great place to volunteer and also a great place to visit! Throughout the year, the Buffalo Zoo offers guests fascinating animal exhibits, naturalistic wildlife habitats, beautiful garden areas and several unique areas in which to enjoy an environment that is full of fun, adventure and history. That’s why we are hosting our annual Tribute Day celebration there this September, Thursday the 13th from 1:00 -5:00pm!

We want to recognize your dedication to service and all the time, energy and compassion you give to make Erie County such a great place to live. In 2011, 1,098 RSVP volunteers gave 173,746 hours of service, a wage-equivalent of approximately $3.7 million! Because of you, 107 nonprofit, public and governmental organizations were able to thrive and execute their mission to provide services that help and impact so many lives. Now, it’s time to celebrate!

All RSVP volunteers with at least 40 hours of service in the last 12 months will be our guest for FREE at this event. That’s right, you get to go to the Zoo free of charge to enjoy a brief program/presentation, music, light refreshments, raffles, door prizes and of course, all the exhibits and wonders the Zoo has to offer! Such as, the M&T Bank Rainforest Falls, Delta Sonic Heritage Farm, Otter Creek, and the Sea Lion Cove. RSVP Zoo volunteers will be on hand to celebrate as well as introduce you to some of the worlds most exotic and friendly creatures! You will also have the opportunity to receive free information from volunteer organizations, service providers, and more. Of course, it’s more fun to celebrate with your loved ones and guests are welcome at regular Zoo admission fees.

We hope you will join us for this unique and fun event. This is also a great opportunity to meet other RSVP volunteers who are in many ways, just like you! You may just make a new friend or find a great new place to volunteer for – or both! A formal invitation is to follow with much more detail. Please note that limited bus transportation to Tribute Day will be available from the Southtowns and Northtowns. Also, a limited number of wheelchairs are available at the Zoo so if need be, please bring your own if possible.

We're not "LION"'ll have a GRRREAT time!!

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