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Mixed Emotions

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Mixed Emotions

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The Buffalo Sabres last game was Tuesday night against the New Jersey Devils. The Sabres were extremely lucky to come out of this game with a win and two points. Considering the recent home and away slump the Sabres have been in, it was easy to get excited over them actually winning a game and getting two points(though win was a shootout victory).
I have mixed emotions on two fronts. First; now that the Sabres are near the bottom of the league and most likely, barring a hockey miracle, going to miss the playoffs, should I really get excited about them getting two points against the Devils. The closer they are to the last place first prize, of the overall # 1 pick, the more I would like to see them plan for the future and next year. Maybe they‘ll find a way to unload some of the fluff and baggage that has been playing around for some time. Also, should I hope and route for them to lose games. Although this would be better in terms of a higher draft position, this goes against my very nature. I love the Sabres and to route for them to lose seems like blasphemy. If I were Catholic, would I have to go to confession for that?
On the second front, it’s the all- star break in the NHL. Really!! The all- star game is itself a joke and self- indulging pat on the back for the players. Years ago, I’d get excited about the all-star break, the game and the home stretch to the season. This year, which was thought to be a year of great hope and possibly a chance to be a contender year, has been just the opposite. I find it hard to watch games, as I know the Sabres won’t score too many goals and will most likely give up at least one more than they’ve scored(usually on a bad giveaway near the end of a period). The Sabres don’t consistently play with a firestorm attitude and the desperation I need to see as a true fan.
Mixed emotions aside, I’d just like to see the Sabres play hard hitting, consistent hockey. If they lose by playing good, I can live with that. Someone has to win and someone has to lose! What I don’t want to see, is losing because of uninspiring play and lack of desperation. This is what separates the men from the boys, good from the bad, winners from losers.

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