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Thoughts On Richard Sherman

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Thoughts On Richard Sherman

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Richard Sherman is a tremendous football player. He may very well be the best cornerback in the NFL, as he claims to be. The play he made to virtually end the NFC Championship game against San Francisco was outstanding. However, his actions from there on out were not classy.

After the Seahawks intercepted the ball in the end zone, Sherman followed his celebration by running over to taunt wide receiver Michael Crabtree by shaking his hand, something that Seattle seemed to be doing to each other much of the game. The pushed each other and Sherman got an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty.

In his post-game interview with Erin Andrews, Sherman went on a rant about Crabtree saying, "I'm the best corner in the league, no matter what some sorry receiver like Crabtree has to say..." He was finally cut off. Andrews looked puzzled, as Seattle had just won the game. While the interview was very interesting and funny, it is not something that is needed on live television. Crabtree had stated earlier in the week that he wasn't sure if Sherman was the best cornerback, but that Seattle had a very good defense.

I hope that interview is received negatively, as I do not want to see interviews like that become the norm for athletes post-game interviews.

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