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Furnace with the overall refractory

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Furnace with the overall refractory

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Rolling furnace is the main business of iron and steel enterprises thermal equipment, its performance directly affect the performance of the enterprise's production and economic benefits, for the majority of thermal workers to improve the performance of the furnace and operating conditions, reduce energy consumption, improve Furnace life, extended overhaul cycle, gallbladder, and achieved encouraging results. In recent years with the mechanical and electrical, refractory materials and other new technologies and materials continue to develop, there have been different design of the regenerative heating furnace, the technical indicators compared with the traditional heating furnace has greatly improved. In the case of
At present, I am in the provision of complete sets of furnace refractories, has accumulated a wealth of practical experience, according to the user's actual use requirements, to provide a reasonable combination of refractory products, the furnace for comprehensive furnace, supporting the use of lower Cost, improve life.
To provide high quality and efficient products, and constantly develop new products, good after-sales technical services, and users work closely with the new product applications to solve the technical problems, so that the new refractory products have been successfully applied, and create economic benefits for users, we Consistent work policy; also my company's purpose.
Some of the products are listed below:
Gravity castable
In addition to the characteristics of high-performance refractory castable, its outstanding advantages are excellent construction performance, construction without vibration, can automatically flow, degassing and dense, the construction of time-saving, effort , High efficiency, to ensure the integrity of the construction body, uniformity and air tightness, in particular, to adapt to the complex structure, high quality requirements of the site, once available by the user's wide welcome. Series of self-flow castables of the technical indicators:
Chrome corundum platform brick, slide brick, brick tiles
The furnace trough and tapping platform mechanical wear serious, the temperature fluctuations, high temperature, slag erosion serious, the use of the conditions are extremely harsh, often because of the material wear and tear was forced to stop production maintenance. Where the use of steel fiber reinforced castables, fused mullite tiles, water-cooled cast iron, etc., although achieved good results, but with the increase in production capacity and maintenance cycle to extend the material on the higher The request.

More refractory material:

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