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High - strength wear - resistant castable

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High - strength wear - resistant castable

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First, the scope of use
1, the power industry, coal unloading ditch, coal bucket, storage bunker, dry coal gate, dumper, slag machine, water treatment.
2, chemical industry, anti-corrosion ground, pump and so on.
3, the coal industry, gangue, media barrels, scraper, bucket elevator, chute, under the screen, such as the funnel liner wear.
4, the iron and steel industry, blast furnace mixing positions, sintering silos, to the machine, the ball machine.
Second, product characteristics
1, high strength, high wear resistance, impact resistance, anti-erosion, anti-oil infiltration
2, good flame retardant, low water absorption, anti-high temperature
3, durability, long service life
4, the construction is simple, fast operation, easy to master
5, the overall good, easy to repair, easy to fall off
6, non-toxic, tasteless, green, no physical damage to the operator
Third, the refractory construction guide
1, primary treatment
(1) clean up the foundation surface, shall not have gravel, floating pulp, floating ash and mold release agent and other debris. If the base surface loose parts should be removed.
(2) the original surface of the full chisel, increase the surface roughness to improve the bonding strength.
(3) concrete base to be embedded steel mesh.
2, laying plum nails, steel mesh
Concrete base drilling depth 50mm, diameter 10-12mm (Φ6-10, Φ8-12); with anchorage rubber anchoring steel bar, steel bar buried depth 50mm, exposed 15-30mm (design anti-wear layer thickness of 1/2) , The distance between the bar 250-300mm; anti-wear layer thickness of less than 50mm, just bend in front of the bar into the "L" can be, thickness greater than 50mm, you need to use the top of the rods welded rods into a network.
3, brushing interface agent
Application of water before the application of the warehouse, the surface of the floating dust clean and fully wetting the base surface. 2 hours after the interface agent and cement, sand in accordance with the ratio of 1: 1: 1 mixing evenly, and then brushing the concrete foundation has been handled on the surface, can not leak brush. Brushing interface agent to reach the level of dry fingers.
4, mixing of wear-resistant materials
(1) high-strength abrasive mixing, the water can be adjusted according to environmental conditions and the actual working conditions, mixing evenly can be used. Mixing water should be consistent with the current "concrete mixing water standards" (JGJ63) requirements.
(2) mixing of abrasive can be mechanical mixing or manual mixing. Recommended mechanical mixing method, stirring time is generally 2 to 3 minutes. When using manual stirring, add 2/3 of the water for 4 minutes, then add the remaining amount of agitation to meet the construction workability so far.
(3) mixing site should be as close as possible to the construction site, reduce the transport distance.
(4) the amount of each stirring should be depending on the amount used to ensure that the material in 30 minutes to run out.
(5) winter construction, high-strength abrasive blended water should be consistent with the current "construction of winter construction regulations" (JGJ104) the relevant provisions. It is recommended to use about 50 ℃ hot water mixing, so that the new material temperature of not less than 15 ℃.
(6) add water (usually 13-15%) Consistency to suit the construction is appropriate, as close to the construction site mixing position is appropriate.
5, abrasive construction
Abrasive construction should start from the top of the project from top to bottom construction, plastering when the force to press. Each plaster thickness to 20mm is appropriate, the thickest should not exceed 30mm. When the thickness of the anti-wear layer is thick, the first layer of the plaster layer to the initial setting state to continue to plastering construction to design resistance

Thickness of grinding layer. From the high-strength abrasive material mixing with water to complete the construction control with 45 minutes is appropriate. Therefore, the amount of stirring should be guaranteed to match the construction speed.
6, calendering
According to climatic conditions, 1-2 hours after the initial coagulation state to be carried out calendar treatment. Calendering process is very important to reduce the roughness of anti-wear layer is conducive to smooth material, thicker if the construction of thick plastic cracks prone to light in the first 1-2 hours after the second calendering.
7, conservation
Summer construction, should be completed within 2 hours after the construction, high-strength abrasive material after the initial setting water conservation. Winter construction, construction should be immediately covered with plastic film, and covered with straw bags or rock wool quilt. Maintenance period of 7 days, after the expiration of protective measures can be relieved. After 28 days recommended, the anti-friction layer is final strength and then put into use.

Yingkou Ruizhi Refractories Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of refractory material for high temperature melting furnaces.Ruizhi Refractories’ main products are: Refractory material for converter, electric arc furnace, ladle, LF furnace, tundish, foundry ladle, torpedo ladle, etc. Shaped refractories. Ruizhi Refractories products have been exported to Indonesia, Iran, America, Canada, etc.

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