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Ladle with refractory materials are used

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Ladle with refractory materials are used

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Common types of ladle refractories:
(1) Clay brick, clay brick A12O3 content is generally between 30% -50%, the price is low. Mainly used for ladle permanent layer and ladle bottom.
(2) high alumina brick. Brick A12O3 content of 50% -80%, mainly for the working layer ladle.
(3) wax stone brick. The brick is characterized by high SiO2 content. Generally more than 80%, anti-erosion than the clay brick and the integrity of the good, and not hanging residue. Commonly used in the ladle wall and package at the end.
(4) Zircon brick. The brick is mainly used for ladle slag line parts. Brick ZrO2 content is generally between 60% -65%.
(5) Magnesia carbon brick. The brick is mainly used for ladle slag line parts, especially for multi-furnace continuous casting occasions. Brick MgO content is generally about 76%, carbon content of 15% -20%. It is characterized by small erosion of slag, erosion resistance, good resistance to spalling.
(6) aluminum-magnesium castables. The castable is mainly used for the steel body, and is characterized in that, under the action of molten steel, MgO and A12O3 in the castable react with each other to form aluminum oval spinel, thereby improving the thermal shock resistance of the lining.
(7) aluminum-magnesium carbon brick. This brick is developed on the basis of aluminum-magnesium castable ladle lining, long service life.
(8) Do not burn brick. At present, the materials used in ladle firing bricks can be made into corresponding unburned brick. Its characteristics are relatively simple production process, the price is lower. Brick itself has a certain mechanical strength and erosion resistance, easy construction masonry.
If the ladle itself is also used for refining, you can also choose MgO-Cr2O3-A10O3 series and MgO-CaO-C refractory, are: magnesia-chrome brick, magnesia-chrome-aluminum brick, dolomite brick.
In the content of ink material used for ladle lining brick, it is best to apply a layer of anti-oxidation coating on its surface to prevent burning in the package, the lining surface oxidation loose, affecting its service life.

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