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Introducing TravelPulse Radio, the New Voice of the Informed Traveler

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Introducing TravelPulse Radio, the New Voice of the Informed Traveler

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TravelPulse, the most trusted and fastest growing travel voice on the Web, is giving voice to its words beginning today.
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The premiere episode of TravelPulse Radio is available for download via Blog Talk Radio, the pre-eminent podcasting portal on the Web.
TravelPulse Editor-in-chief Tim Wood and Managing Editor Barry Kaufman will serve as the primary co-hosts of the weekly podcast, with Donald Wood serving as the show’s executive producer. The trio’s aim is to capture the joy and wonder of travel on the air in the same manner they bring travel to life on the Web.
“We’re selling the dream here. We are the ambassadors of every dreamer’s vision board and we take that honor very seriously,” Tim Wood said. “Our goal here is to cover travel from a 360-degree perspective, bringing you insight into all the people that make your trips of a lifetime come true.”
TravelPulse Radio premieres with a supersized episode that features interviews with:
“This was representative of what we hope to bring to the broadcast,” Wood said. “We’ll bring on experts to offer tips and advice, local experts we meet in our travels and travel agents to show how vital the travel agent is to build the perfect travel experience.”
The show will also feature travel gadget reviews, hotel and cruise reviews, and interviews with the movers and shakers in the travel industry, including Murphy, who will be a frequent contributor.
“This is a thrilling next step in the evolution of the TravelPulse brand,” Murphy said. “This gives our editors an opportunity to showcase the voices and the passion behind the travel industry through a whole new medium. Plus, it gives our multitude of partners a unique forum to discuss burning issues and give travelers insider tips on creating the best travel experience.”
The addition of the broadcast comes on the heels of TravelPulse recently announcing their partnership with Tribune Content Agency, which makes TravelPulse content available to thousands of online outlets and more than 200 U.S. newspapers through their print and online editions. TravelPulse also has a travel content partnership with Fox
New episodes of TravelPulse Radio will initially be available each Tuesday via Blog Talk Radio at The show will also be available for download at In the coming weeks, the broadcast will also be available via iTunes, Google Play and Stitcher.
Listen to the first episode of TravelPulse Radio below.

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