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school clothing policy

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school clothing policy

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What's up with the School Uniforms? by Fritz Shaffer


Why did you change the school clothing policy? Well I need to know! Can't we just wear regular clothing, just once?

I for one, think that representing school spirit using tee shirts is a good idea. But we should be able to wear our own style of clothes once in a while. Most people like the liberty to wear their own clothes at least once per week !

So why not have us wear our uniforms for three days of the week? Thursdays, we can wear our Hannan t-shirts that assist in raising funds for our PTA . Friday, like in the past, can be for self expression, where students wear clothing of their choice. You might also be able to use this free choice as an incentive for students to behave well in school.

Will you please consider my request?

Sincerly ,
Fritz Shaffer

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