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The Walking Dead: Review

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The Walking Dead: Review

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I was never actually a huge fan of zombie films, until now. I saw The Walking Dead Season 1 on Immediate Netflix and fell in love with it. Subsequently I discovered Season 2 and saw it online and I am now obsessed.

The acting is fine to outstanding. The show is really strong, but at the same time subtle.

Only that theory alone is amazing. It is fascinating to see what this character has to beat. I enjoy how the new characters have to learn that Atlanta City is possessed by the dead now.

All the zombies appear amazing as well as the make-up work is award worthy. All the scenes including the Walkers are extreme and well directed. I believe lots of things are extremely emotional and it functions nicely with the narrative.

Ultimate Score: 8.6

Season Two is an excellent follow up to the very first season. The sole issue people might have with this particular season is that nothing actually happens, in relation to places and new components to the narrative. So that the remainder of the group must set up store on a farm, where the meet a whole slew of new characters and issues.

You get a whole lot more into each characters styles, past, and motivations during season two. In spite of the brand new characters. Shane is my favorite character and he truly shines in this season.

The zombies continue to be amazing and there is way more activity in this season. But it still keeps its extreme minutes and it is amazing.

Final Score: 9.2

String Total Score: 8.9

Up to now, this really is an amazing show and I am fully invested in these characters. I think the show has hit every target it’s aimed at up to now. Season 5 looks like it's going to be the greatest though and will enlarge the universe of the show. Additionally, it will add some new characters which are critical to the comic books, which ought to interpret around to the show.

This really is an upgrade for this particular post I posted a couple of years back! Season 3 is long gone and Season 4 has a few episodes made. Let us get into the reviews.

SEASON Three of The Walking Dead was really expected by lots of folks. The Walking Dead entirely got caught up in the hype and expectations from fans and delivered an extremely poor season.

Season 3 starts off really powerful, but immediately goes down a shadowy path of indifference. The Governor and Michonne were excellent improvements to the cast. The departure of Lorie was significant and impact-complete, but lingered on too long. As was Andrea's departure. For myself spending the entire season in the jail was quite dull and also a stupid choice. As well as the reality they're still there going into season four, makes my brain damage.

Jacob Richmond
Los Angeles
Marketing manager at
Richmond VA with offices in Reston,
VA and Boston, MA, USA
PH# +1 835 526 6158

Return to watch the walking dead season 4 online.

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