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Magnesia chrome brick five performance

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Magnesia chrome brick five performance

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Magnesia chrome brick five performance:
1 chemical composition and mineral composition
Magnesia chrome brick chemical composition with the choice of raw materials vary. General magnesium oxide total of 55% to 60%, chromium oxide is about 10%, followed by ferric oxide and a small amount of aluminum dioxide, silica, calcium oxide and other impurities.
Magnesia chrome refractory brick mineral composition is mainly magnesium chrome spinel and magnesium ferrite.
2 refractoriness
As the magnesia chrome firebrick magnesium content less than magnesium bricks, magnesium chrome spinel and magnesium ferrite content, and their eutectic compound melting point is relatively low, so the magnesia chrome brick refractory magnesia, generally only 1850 ~ 1960 ℃.
3 load softening temperature
Magnesite in the magnesia-chrome brick and magnesium-chromium spinel is easy to form a mesh skeleton, because the low melting point filled in the network gap is less material, when the high temperature load, although the low melting point softening, Skeleton can still support the load, so the magnesia chrome bricks softening temperature is higher, generally up to 1550 ℃ or more. The refractoriness is slightly lower than that of the magnets and the softening temperature is higher than that of the magnets.
4 Thermal expansion and thermal shock stability
Magnesium chrome tungsten chrome spinel and magnesium ferrite content and linear expansion coefficient is small, at the same time, magnesium chrome brick porosity than magnesium bricks, so the MgO Cr brick thermal expansion is small.
Magnesia-chrome brick calcium perovskite content is very small, not easy to cause the expansion of the expansion of stress; magnesium ferrite dissolved in the magnesium chrome spinel, the solubility of large two dissolved temperature range is also wide, the melting and precipitation of magnesium ferrite , And will not produce large stress, therefore, magnesia chrome brick thermal shock stability is better, the number of water up to 25 times.
5 slag resistance
Magnesia chrome brick in the content of more magnesium chrome spinel is magnesium oxide and chromium oxide complex, and chromium trioxide is a typical neutral oxide, therefore, magnesium chrome brick on the alkaline, acidic slag erosion Have a strong resistance.

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