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Red Red Wine

Written by on

Red Red Wine

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Have you ever spilled red wine on a shirt and think the item is completely ruined? Or have you thought you because you can't tend to the stain right away that it won't come out? Well, fear no more because I have a solution for red wine mishaps, even those that are days old.
On a trip to Europe a couple years ago red wine was spilled all over my favorite dress so the orange and white dress became plum colored. Needless to say, I was quite upset. I thought there was no way the stains would come out, especially because I was in Venice and had no way of getting any really good cleaning supplies.
Back at the hotel after dinner, I rinsed the dresss out with water in the bathroom sink. After this I used hand soap to scrub the dress the best that I could. Then I soaked the dress for a while in the sink that I filled with water and some soap. I cleaned the dress several times this way over the next couple of days. The wine stains were lighter but still very visibile.
When I arrived home about a week later I had to try one last ditch effort. I knew that after a week the stains were even less likely to come out, but I had to try.
I mixed white vinegar in water and soaked rinsed the dress in that. After rinsing the dress again, the stains were minimal. I then washed it in the washing machine normally and I was amazed when it came out because there was no purple blotches on the orange and white dress anymore!
Now, I'm not saying that you have to go through all of these steps every time you spill red wine, because I think the white vinegar did the trick. However, if you do not have access to white vinegar for whatever reason, I would try to wash the stain as best as possible with anything you do have, even hand soap until you do have white vinegar at your fingertips.

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