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I HAVE A DREAM...........

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I HAVE A DREAM...........

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Martin Luther King Jr.- Quandraniya Walton
I HAVE A DREAM................
Martin Luther King JR. was born in 1929 ,in Alanta , Georgia. When he was young ,black people were not treated equally to white people because the court did not have a law about segregation. Martin's real name was Michael King. Martin's father was a minister for a church . Michael went to church all the time with his mother. When Martin was young , he was in a choir at Ebenezer Baptist church. When he went to Morehouse college, he fell in love with the prettiest , most smartest girl he ever met. He graduated and his father changed his name to Martin Luther King JR. He got married on June 18,1953 . Martin Luther King JR had 4 children .They are Dexter Scout King , Yolanda King ,Bernice King , Martin Luther King (THE THIRD). Martin Luther King went to Montgomery to say a speech. He was assasinated on April 4, 1968 . Who shot him you ask? James Earl Ray that's who!!!!! Martin Luther King JR will forever be remembered as a courageous man who fought for equality among all men!

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