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Crusher chamber Why wear very powerful

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Crusher chamber Why wear very powerful

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With the extent of the change of liner wear and crushing chamber profile , relatively uniform distribution along the crushing chamber height of broken material . Liner limit wear within the">Cone Crusher chamber profile size changes , especially the late parallel to the district no longer exists , the entire cavity shape is completely lost its original contour . Reduce to the size of the discharge port is about 1.4-1.7 times the largest number of materials to the discharge port . Parallel to the area does not exist makes the product quality deterioration , the crusher production also fell .">Cone Crushers plant to a deeper awareness, understanding, in order to make better use of the crusher crusher . The impact crusher cavity wear too many factors , such as material hardness , abrasive , particle size , moisture , and broken the amount of material and manner of feeding and operating conditions . Even if these factors are the same , due to the crushing chamber is shaped different , with a crusher liner wear is not the same . 1750 Crusher crushing chamber wear are analyzed as follows .

The">crushing equipment during operation into the largest number of parallel population of the premises of the crusher broken materials , after a sharp decline . Parallel to the District by the strong abrasion and crushing machine after running several days after the parallel zone is gradually changed .

In summary, due to uneven lining wear , crushing chamber to lose their original shape of the crushing chamber , the lining life and crushing machine technical and economic indicators fell . This crusher chamber should be improved.

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