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Easy conversation starters with a girl - No Pickup

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Easy conversation starters with a girl - No Pickup

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Is it hard for you to find conversation starters with a girl you're attracted to?

I've noticed that for some it's effortless, while for some completely impossible. Right now we'll cover 5 quick tips to make it effortless for you! These are all tips David Wygant taught me, but I'll be sharing them with you today%u2026

But you're going to see David Wygant infield demonstrating them to you!

So let's get started:

Tip 1: Go to places you enjoy

Finding a good conversation starter with a girl is a lot easier when you go to places you enjoy and feel comfortable at. If you go "hunting" for women every weekend in bars, women are going to notice that vibe from you. And it's a big turn off for them.

Forget the bar for a while and approach women at the supermarket, the book store, the gym, %u2026 Wherever you go in your daily routine (some like to call this "daygame").

Tip 2: Talk to everybody

It is important to always talk to strangers. First of all it's a fantastic way to train your social skills. You'll become a natural conversation starter in no time.

But also, other women will see you and become curious about you. So talking to that one woman you like is going to be very easy. You can start a conversation with her very naturally and smoothly, without a sleazy, canned routine or pickup line.

Tip 3: Observe

Instead of relying on lines, become much more observant about your environment. And use very simple observations as conversation starters with women.

This gets you out of your head and gives you the ability to connect with her world. You're not interrupting her with a random line. Plus it's very easy!

Tip 4: What you say doesn't matter

How can it be so easy to start a conversation with a woman? It's because WHAT you say doesn't matter. It's all about THE WAY you convey your words.
And if you follow tip 2, you'll be speaking with more and more certainty in your voice all the time. Because you gain momentum!


Now we know how to start a conversation, how do we keep it going? Very easy: you become a great listener! She will give you all you need to keep the conversation going if you listen.
The very reason most men never know what to say, is because they are stuck in their heads, they're not paying attention to her.

They are having conversation in their own minds, continuously stressing our about "what to say next".
That's it, give these tips a try!

I hope you enjoyed these tips! If you want to see a live demonstration of them, then check out the David Wygant infield video below.

How hard is it now to think of conversation starters with a girl you like???

Return to Good conversation starter with a girl Video.

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