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Kayaking In Allegheny National Forest

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Kayaking In Allegheny National Forest

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Kayaking in Allegheny National Forest is very fun. We went out on the water in Warren, Pennsylvania, just north of Allegheny. We used Allegheny Outfitters.

Allegheny Outfitters offers three basic day trips of varying lengths and prices. Walk-ins are welcome but reservations are strongly recommended, especially on weekends and holidays. Large groups of 6 or more canoes typically plan their trips at least a month ahead of time. Trip prices listed below include boat rental, paddles, lifejackets, tax and transportation to and from the start and end points. Groups of six or more canoes on a weekday get a 10 percent discount. Tax-exempt groups should take 6 percent off the listed price.

The route that we did was the Kinzua Dam, leaving from Allegheny Outfitters.

It is a 7 mile trip that takes 2 to 3 hours, longer if you like. The price is $40 per canoe or double kayak; $35 per single kayak; $15 if you bring your own boat.

This trip is the company's most popular trip. The biggest draw, aside from the stunning scenery, is that this trip gives you options. It is short enough to get done quickly should you be pressed for time, racing against bad weather, or with someone who suddenly decides they don’t much like being in a boat. But because there’s no pickup involved – you finish at the livery, where your vehicle is parked – you’re also welcome to take your time. Many groups turn this into a five-hour trip, stopping at favorite swimming holes or one of the uninhabited islands along the way to picnic and explore. This calm stretch of the Allegheny is punctuated with summer camps, trees, rocks and islands. It’s great for kids, novices or anyone looking to relax.

The place was out of canoe's, so we ended up getting two kayaks. It was my very first time kayaking, but I was able to pick it up very quickly. I had a lot of fun and would definitely do it again.

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