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Mud desander in drilling mud cleaning process

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Mud desander in drilling mud cleaning process

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How does mud desander work? The mud is pumped into the upper section of the hydrocylone at an angle. As the mud flows around and gradually down the inside of the cones, drilling cuttings are separated from the liquid by centrifugal force. Then solids continue go down until the exit the bottom of the hydrocyclone. Finally, drilling fluids can be discarded. In the process, the lighter liquid mud goes up through a vortex in the center of the hydrocyclone, exits through piping at the top of the hydrocyclone and then is routed to the mud tank, until to the next solids control equipment, usually a mud desilter.

The capability of mud desander not only depends on the quantity option of the clones. An oilfield mud desander with 1, 2 or 3 pieces of 10" or 12" cones can show the different capability. So, the application for your project should be set with the proper mud desander. For professional guidance or information, you can go for our

2014 CIPPE is coming. It is a good platform offering various brand mud desanders. If you have the interest, you can go to the scene to have a close look at the best one, as well as other professional drilling mud cleaning machines.

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