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Rock Paper Scissors - Shoot

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Rock Paper Scissors - Shoot

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Ever wonder how to win at the classic game of Rock Paper Scissors? Well, according to Yahoo Games, it's easy because "humans are terrible at being random".
Basically, inexperienced players typically play rock - so you should play paper. Experienced players usually play paper or scissors, so play scissors and you'll win or at the least, tie.
It is also apparently widely known that people that play the same thing twice will most likely not play it a third time. Again, a guaranteed win or tie. However, if you, knowing these tricks, play the same move twice, chances are your opponent will play that one next.
With these tips, plus the other ones listed in the article on Yahoo, you'll be a RPS champ. Whether you actually use these tips or win by "dumb luck" alone, if you're good tryout for the RPS World Championship. It has not been announced where it will be held this year yet, but details will probably be posted on their website soon.

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