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How to Generate Insurance Leads

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How to Generate Insurance Leads

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"Generating high quality Insurance Leads naturally, without having to buy insurance leads, can be difficult, time consuming, and expensive…" says the CEO of Strategic Lead Flow, LLC who is hosting a free webinar to demonstrate a "revolutionary new way to be marketing insurance for your agency."

The insurance business is more competitive than ever, and for many agents, the phone just doesn't ring like it should.Insurance Lead Flow, in conjunction with Strategic Lead Flow, LLC hopes to change that.

Through a free training webinar Insurance Lead Flow will demonstrate to agents nationwide why buying insurance leads is inefficient and ultimately ineffective in the long run. It's simply the wrong way to be prospecting for insurance clients. The webinar will run for approximately 90 minutes and will focus on how insurance producers can get insurance clients quickly and easily. It will also address the correct way to market insurance agencies without wasting time and money.

Plus, with recent changes in the insurance industry, getting insurance quotes through the underwriting process is becoming increasingly difficult. If the quote comes back from underwriting too high, a common problem these days, a producer's insurance leads are likely to end up angry and go somewhere else.

The 90 minute webinar will show agents how to overcome these common issues by focusing on the "holy grail" of insurance prospects: Small Business Owners.

Perhaps most importantly, through a brand new approach, insurance producers will be able to make money off auto insurance leads, life insurance leads, and home insurance leads, even if that is not the focus of your agency.

Registration for this webinar is at

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