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Delta Air Lines Cancellations, Delays Continue for Third Day

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Delta Air Lines Cancellations, Delays Continue for Third Day

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Photo Courtesy of Delta Airlines
Computer Outage Forces Delta to Ground Flights Worldwide...
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Officials from Delta Air Lines have announced more delays and cancellations Wednesday associated with a worldwide computer outage that began Monday.
The airline hopes to have service returned to normal by Wednesday afternoon, though.
According to the Chicago Tribune, Delta Air Lines has canceled more than 1,700 flights in total due to the computer outage that started at the company’s Atlanta headquarters. In addition, thousands of flights were also delayed and passengers have been stranded all over the world.
While Delta reported an estimated 90 flights would be canceled Wednesday, reported at 9 a.m. ET that 225 flights had been canceled already and another 192 were delayed.
“We continued today to steadily recover from the events of earlier this week that grounded our system, and are working hard to achieve a normal operation by mid-day tomorrow,” Delta’s senior vice president Dave Holtz said in a statement. “We will have a small number of cancellations in the morning as our operation restarts, so we continue to ask our customers to check their travel plans and flight status.”
Delta is suggesting that customers check the status of their flights before traveling to the airport, and is also offering compensation to customers impacted by the computer outage. While the original compensation didn’t live up to expectations for many experts, Delta is now offering $200 in travel vouchers to customers who experienced a canceled flight or a delay greater than three hours.
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