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NEW FAERIE ATTRACTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Written by on

NEW FAERIE ATTRACTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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A new way to attract faeries was discovered by Jo Gamsby who saw a faerie creeping into her bluebell at exactly noon. The next day, she set out to see if it would work a second time. So, she set her lawn chair directly next to her bluebells and she waited. Then at the stroke of noon a little faerie crept into the flower, yawned and lied down. Then she went to sleep! Jo was so surprised that she jumped up and phoned me as soon as it happened.I saw the curled around the pistol and said to Jo that I promised to put this in the paper so here it is. Jo can be found on Facebook and Google+. She is a very kind woman, and if you were intrigued by this story and want to learn more, you can talk to her. Jo is delighted to be a friend. The faerie finding was such a big shock and me, so I have decided to tell you so maybe you and your children, if you have bluebells or blue morning glories, to look in them at exactly noon. One minute after and the fairy turns into a caterpillars body and you would be completely confused. All the attractions are listed below

1.The Mushrooms That Grow On Birch
2.Rosemary that is not picked or shredded
3.Foxglove will attract any faerie
More Coming Soon!

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