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Chocolate World In Hershey

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Chocolate World In Hershey

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Chocolate World in Hershey, Pennsylvania is a really fun place to visit. While it is a tourist attraction, it is a very fun and interactive place to visit. There is an amusement park right next to Chocolate World, so you can have a whole day of fun if you want.

We went to Chocolate World on our way down to Gettysburg. We were only planning on staying a few hours, which was perfect because if you stay less than 3 hours you can park for free. There is a 15 minute free tour which takes you through the whole process of how chocolate is made in the Hershey factory. It also shows how many chocolate bars of Hershey, Kisses, Reese Cups and Kit Kat are made daily. At the end of the tour, you get a mini chocolate bar. We were actually asked to do a taste test. We were given a full size chocolate bar after the survey.

We also wanted to do the Create Your Own Chocolate attraction. I am very glad we did because it was so much fun. It is $12.95 a person and you create a chocolate bar from scratch by selecting up to 3 of their ingredients for the day. It is a huge chocolate bar, which tastes delicious. You can even customize the wrapper.

I highly recommend going to Hershey. It is a place to have fun and get a cheap education as well. Despite it being a tourist trap, it is not a place where you will feel overcrowded.

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