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How to Create a Yoozpaper

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How to Create a Yoozpaper

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This is how to create a personal Yoozpaper. A Yoozpaper is a personal online newspaper which contains the most 5 current article written by that Yoozer. Each article written by that Yoozer must be a minimum of 1000 characters and can be a maximum of 3000 characters. There is no necessary topic and no writing can be written in any way. It can be written to promote a product, service, or business. It can be written to give personal opinions. It can be written to tell what headlines are in the world that relates to your papers subject.

Each paper has privacy rights. The individual can make the paper available to the general public, thus anyone, whether logged in or logged out can view the paper, and all articles that have been written on that paper. The individual can make the paper available to only his or her fellow Yoozer's. In this situation, a Yoozer must be logged in to and it must be either yourself or someone you have accepted as a fellow Yoozer. This will create an extra degree of privacy for anything that Yoozer writes. The Yoozer can also make the paper private. In this situation, only that Yoozer can view the paper and the articles that they have written. If a paper is set to private and it is a group that has created the paper, anyone in that group can view the paper.

Finally, only a certain number of characters will show up on the paper page. The Yoozer can read the remainder of the article, as well as comment and view video by clicking either the headline of the article or the "Read More" hyperlink.

Upon creating a Yoozpaper, there is also a picture page that gets created. All articles written which have a picture uploaded with the article will have that headline's picture show up. From here, the Yoozer can click and view the complete article that corresponds to that picture. This page maintains the same privacy rights and the member's Yoozpaper.

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Yoozpaper is a social network of online newspapers written by individuals or groups. Yoozpaper takes free articles that members write and formats them as an online newspaper.

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