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Online Scrapbooks on Yoozpaper

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Online Scrapbooks on Yoozpaper

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Yoozer's and groups can create their own online photo albums, known as Yoozpaper Scrapbooks, on Yoozpaper. There are several fun features to creating a Scrapbook, as it is not just about uploading and viewing pictures. These Scrapbooks will make it fun to visit Yoozpaper even if you do not like to write or read articles.

It is very simple to create a Scrapbook on Yoozpaper. From the member page, the Yoozer will click on the Scrapbook link at the top. Upon clicking here you will have a form to upload images, a form to create a Scrapbook, and a list of the Scrapbooks currently created, along with the number of pictures and date created of each album. To create a Scrapbook, enter the information on the form, including creating an interesting Scrapbook to better remember why this was created. Once this has been created, Yoozer's can begin uploading photos to the website. Once in a specific Scrapbook, the Yoozer will see a multi-column array of photos, with titles, dates, and captions under each. The Yoozer may click in to each photo to view the photo at a larger size, as well as to see other Yoozer's comments on that photo or to comment on photos. Yoozer's can also view the photos at slideshow if they would like to play a loop of photos for their friends to see. Note that all photos in the Scrapbooks are avaialable to fellow Yoozer's of the Scrapbooks creator.

The same features are also found in the groups section of Yoozpaper. From the member page, click on Groups and the Yoozer will see a list of any groups that he or she is in. If you are the editor of that group, you can create a Scrapbook and upload photos into it. If you are simply a writer in the group, you cannot create a Scrapbook, but you can still upload photos into it. The great thing about a Yoozpaper Scrapbook is that anyone in the group can be uploading photos at anytime, it is not limited to one person who can load photos. This can be done at a computer or on a mobile device, so Yoozers can be uploading photos from anywhere. The same privacy rights are in place.

I hope you like the Scrapbook features on Yoozpaper. This adds a fun and multimedia element to that website that separates the site from other article writing sites. Go ahead and have fun trying it out!

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Yoozpaper is a social network of online newspapers written by individuals or groups. Yoozpaper takes free articles that members write and formats them as an online newspaper.

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