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Is Winter Weather Going to Impact Your Thanksgiving Travel?

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Is Winter Weather Going to Impact Your Thanksgiving Travel?

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photo courtesy of Women Auto Know 
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I'm going to sound like a broken record here where I tell you that holiday travel is stressful enough. When you have all of the planning, organizing and everything else in between, you want to think you have it all figured out. And maybe you do. That is until the inevitable happens and Mother Nature likes to throw a twist in the venture.
With Winter Storm Argos making its way across the U.S, it's important to pay attention to weather delays during the Thanksgiving holiday. Let's take a look at what could possibly affect your travel this week.
The Roads
The airports are not the only source of travel that have a huge impact on your holiday travel. Some of us are going to brave the roads, but this season it could be deadly.
According to and the Associated Press, Argos has already caused fatalities. The storm left two dead after a crash on Highway 59 and Highway 71 in Minnesota. These occurred on top of "nearly 450 crashes and 860 spin outs statewide as the storm marched across the country."
The snow is one thing, but the strong winds caused by Argos will impact road and major freeways as well even if there are no signs of the powder, keep in mind there are other elements to look out for. 
In South Dakota, you may have an easier time getting around. Roads were said to be "in bad shape," and there were multiple crashes reported, there weren't any major pileups. 
In Colorado the blanketed snow caused a closure of Interstate 70 in multiple locations and sadly the icy road conditions resulted in the death of a motorist on Thursday night. The motorist was heading westbound on Highway 34 Bypass and lost control, according to 7NEWS Denver.  
Wyoming and Wisconsin are also being impacted by travel on the roads so if you're traveling on those area, proceed with caution. 
Check the National Traffic and Road Closure Information and Safe Travel Road Conditions for more information on roads you plan on traveling. 
Air Travel
Airport travel will also be impacted by the weather, and a lot of times it will be out of your control. 
In addition to arriving to the airport at the usual time you're used to, I suggest giving yourself and extra 30 minutes to an hour. It's going to be a little more congested than usual, and that's okay. Winter weather impacting air travel is a different animal than when you're on the ground, but luckily there are so many sources you can use to follow delays and cancelations.
No matter what your source or travel is, stay safe and don't try anything cute. Your loved ones will want to know you're safe. Keep following Travel Pulse for the latest travel conditions in your neck of the woods. 

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