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Harm of mill balls diameter is too large

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Harm of mill balls diameter is too large

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In the grinding process ,the steel ball is to the ore implementation shattering action stave tool, is also the transmission stave energy medium. The stave ore's basic principle avoids nonessential stave, because to the degree of hardness big material, the stave energy consumption and the material consumption is very high. The steel ball oversize will already enhance the energy consumption and the material consumption, also will affect the grinding product the size composition, the harm which the" >Ball Mill diameter oversized will create mainly manifests in the following several aspects:   
1. the oversized attack namely will produce nonessential stave, also will cause steel ball oneself to receive the big attrition, simultaneously will cause the energy consumption to increase.
2. the diameter is oversized, will intensify the grinding product granularity the uniformization, will cause the selected material the granularity characteristic to be bad. When the diameter is oversized, under the similar loading the ball integer reduction, the attack number of times which forms to the material are few, but hitting power each time is oversized, forms in inevitably the grinding product thick and the smashing granule have been many, the product granularity is non-uniform.   
3. the diameter is oversized, enhances the goal mineral with difficulty the monomer degree of dissociation. When the hitting power is oversized, stave is along the action most general orientation occurrence, the ore grain does not have the selectivity stave; When the hitting power is precise, the ore grain will have the dissociation disruption along the mineral between junction plane, because between the different mineral's junction plane is in the ore block mechanics frail surface.   
4. the diameter is oversized, to the ball mill backing's impulse enhancement, the backing and the backing screw head attrition is serious, the tube body leaks the thick liquid to be serious.   
5. the diameter is oversized, will cause the ball mill work noise to enlarge. Because the oversized hitting power will cause a part of conversion of energy for the sound energy. The noise is oversized, is disadvantageous to worker's health.   
6. the diameter is oversized, will cause the energy consumption markup. Under the similar attire ball quantity, the big ball's energy consumption is higher than the pellet energy consumption. Get" >Mineral Processing," >rotary kiln," >beneficiation From" >

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