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Nik Wallenda Walks Accross Niagara Falls

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Nik Wallenda Walks Accross Niagara Falls

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Nik Wallenda did Friday what most people thought was impossible. He walked across Niagara Falls on a tight rope. It took lots of money and 2 years of pleading with both the American and Canadian governments to allow the stunt to take place, but he finally convinced them to finally allow him to make his dream a reality. Wallenda, 33 years old, said that when he first saw Niagara Falls at age 6, all he thought was that he wanted to walk across it on a tight rope.

The event was carried live by ABC News and had over 120,000 people there to see it live. Multiple keywords relating to Wallenda were trending at the time on Twitter. While many watching were very nervous, when Wallenda was interviewed, all he could say was how excited he was and what a blessing it was to be able to do this. It was finally the moment.

Niagara Falls was very windy and very misty that night, which added to the difficulty. Furthermore, Wallenda was forced to wear a harness, something he had never done before and did not want to do. Birds have been known to circle around the Falls and could potentially cause havoc. The length of the walk, downhill slope of the rope and wetness of the rope would make it all the more difficult.

Wallenda made it look easy. He took questions during the walk, saying how cool it was to be doing the stunt. He never faltered during the walk, not even stumbling in the wet zone. Toward the end of the walk, he knelt down and give a fist pump to the cheering Canadian crowd. He finally finished the walk, taking just 26 minuted. Upon making it to Canada, the first thing that Wallenda did was to give the authorities his passport.

It was a momentous occassion. It was a feat that people would not believe if there was no evidence of it actually happening. Perhaps one day, someone will try to do it again. If that day comes, it will not come for a long, long time.

Next for Wallenda, he intends to honor his great grandfather by crossing the Grand Canyon.

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