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Advantages and disadvantages of refractory bricks

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Advantages and disadvantages of refractory bricks

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Refractory materials are generally divided into two types, unshaped refractories and shaped refractories. The most widely used refractory bricks are as follows:
1. Dolomite brick
Dolomite brick has good hanging kiln skin performance, good resistance to erosion, but it is easy to hydration and difficult to transport and custody.
2. Magnesia chrome brick
Magnesia chrome brick’s hanging kiln skin performace is good, it is used for firing belt. And its disadvantage is that magnesia chrome brick performs not quite well in thermal shock resistance.
3. Phosphate brick
Phosphate brick’s refractoriness is low, but it has high strength and high thermal shock resistance, it is usually used for kiln hood and so on.
4. Silicon carbide brick
Silicon carbide brick has good resistance to high temperature (1800 degrees centigrade, load softening temperature 1620-1640 degrees centigrade). Its thermal expansion coefficient is small, and silicon carbide brick has good resistance to acute cold and hot, good abrasion resistance. Silicon carbide brick is suitable for furnace cooling zone and kiln mouth.
5. Silicon mullite brick
Silicon mullite brick has good thermal shock resistance, high strength and good abrasion resistance. Silicon mullite brick is suitable for furnace transition zone.
6. Spinel brick
Spinel brick is mainly used for transition zone. It has good thermal shock resistance, good anti-reducibility, but its refractoriness is a little low.
7. High alumina brick
High alumina brick’s Al2O3 content is more than 75%, its refractoriness is higher than that of clay brick. High alumina brick has good anti-acid and alkali erosion, it is suitable for cement kiln burning belt, etc. High alumina brick’s using life is long but its price is a little high.
8. Anti-peeling brick
Anti-peeling brick contains a small amount of ZrO. It has excellent resistance to alkaline, good anti-peeling performace and good slag resistance.

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