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Crushing plant: maintenance the common sense of cr

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Crushing plant: maintenance the common sense of cr

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Large construction waste disposal equipment in the production of construction, such as crushing plant, sand washing machine, jaw crusher and other milling machine, each link working all the time all need lubricating oil lubrication and maintenance. Because it is to ensure normal construction important link mobile crushing equipment work well. In summer fully grasp lubrication system maintenance is very necessary.

Everyday the large mobile crushing crusher lubrication system generally is mainly composed of oil pump, filter, cooler, oil pressure adjustment valve, oil tank, oil pipe, and other components of the meter indicating device. During the construction of mobile crushing station of large quantities of oil when the oil pressure is too high or out of the case, usually by adjusting valve to adjust. Note: the lubrication system oil temperature is higher than 600 degrees, fuel tank in the normal temperature should be controlled in 35 ~ 50 ℃. When the oil temperature is too high, the water cooling measures should be taken, water pressure shall be lower than the oil pressure of 0.5 atmosphere pressure. Before and after the oil filter pressure difference is greater than 0.40 when the atmospheric pressure, should be cleaning filter. Thin oil lubrication oil (30 ~ 50 # machine oil) under normal operation.
In addition, in the normal construction of large mobile crusher(jaw crusher and impact crusher) equipment accessories bearing temperature should be controlled between 0 ℃ ~ 35 ℃, shall not be higher than 60 ℃ at most. In the construction of equipment daily maintenance, correct using is the key of the production, so the vipeak heavy industry will again prompt you to daily maintenance and safety production work ,which is the important guarantee for you enterprise profit point of growth.

jaw crusher:
impact crusher:
raymond mill:
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sand washing machine:
powder Grinder:

Return to cone jaw crusher play a fine role in the process o.

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