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Characteristic Refractory Material MudMixingMethod

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Characteristic Refractory Material MudMixingMethod

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Characteristics of refractory mud mixture method is to produce special refractory ceramic products, in particular the use of gypsum injection molding, casting and injection molding molding of the mud slurry f operation method is the ingredients of various raw materials, enhancers, Suspending agent, admixture and 30 ~ 40% of the clean water, while adding a wear-resistant lining in the ball mill (mixing mill), after a certain period of mixing fine grinding, made for the production of mud slurry. In the process of making mud, according to the characteristics of materials and mud pouring their own requirements, to control the density and pH of the mud.
Mud mixing method used by the main equipment are ball mill, air compressor, wet iron, mud pump, vacuum degasser and so on.
Paraffin and resin-based binder, at room temperature for the solid material (or into a sticky), at room temperature, especially law mixture, must be used to increase the method of heating.
The use of hot casting process, the use of paraffin as a binder. Due to the melting point of paraffin in the 60-80 <€, in the first paraffin heated to 100T or more and have good mobility, and then the fine powder raw materials added to the liquid paraffin, the mixing after mixing, made of slurry Wax cake for hot die casting.
The main mixing equipment for heating the mixture is a heated mixing mixer.

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