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Kiln refractory selection method

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Kiln refractory selection method

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1, kiln performance and thermal characteristics. Such as intermittent work of the furnace should use low heat capacity of the material.
2, the safe use of materials temperature, thermal conductivity system, high temperature strength, chemical stability.
3, the use of life.
4, investment costs and maintenance costs.
In general, heavy refractory materials are more focused on a certain technical performance indicators, such as high temperature stability, chemical stability, etc .; light insulation materials more pay attention to put into operation and comprehensive technical and economic indicators.
The selection of lightweight insulation materials, the general thermal conductivity is used insulation material (λ) and the cost per unit volume of insulation material (P) to determine the value of the product of "λΡ" the smaller the better. Thermal conductivity value is small, indicating insulation material insulation effect is good, low energy costs during operation. The low cost per unit volume of insulation material indicates that the investment cost is low and the investment economy is good. You can use the graph plotting diagram selection, abscissa for the working temperature, ordinate (λΡ) good plot, the material safe use of temperature interception of the curve of the material, select the technical and economic performance of the material.

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