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Most Visited Tourist Attractions

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Most Visited Tourist Attractions

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Even with the depressed economy, people have been traveling more than previously, according to a recent report. International arrivals are up 6.6 percent with the US being the second most visited country behind France.
As the second most visited country, the US holds nine of the ten most visited attractions. The top two most visited attractions in the world are Times Square and Central Park, respectively. Number three is Union Station in DC. Spot four goes to Sin City - the Vegas strip.
The next spot, number five, is a little surprising to most Western New Yorkers. Niagara Falls, NY and Ontario, is very popular among not only international travelers, but regional travelers as well.
Grand Central in New York is the next most visited attraction, though quite a ways behind the other two NYC hot spots.
Faneuil Hall Marketplace in Boston is next and with street performers, hundreds of specialty shops and places to eat, along with the cobblestone paths and historical feel, it deserves its spot at seven.
Eighth is the "Most magical place on Earth", the famous Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom. Disney World is not just for kids but the kids at heart too. With so many different movie and cartooned themed rides and other attractions, there is something for everyone at Disney World.
Disneyland surprisingly holds the number nine spot. Disneyland is much smaller than Disneyworld, but still attracts almost 16 million visitors every year.
Lastly, number ten, is the only spot not held at least in part by a US city. The Grand Bazaar in Istanbul attracts 15 million tourists each year with it's great bargains that are mostly hand crafted.
Wherever people chose to travel; regional or international, popular spots or those off the beaten path, most people just want a vacation that offers a fun time and a trip to remember.

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