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Alumina magnesia carbon brick in steel ladle

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Alumina magnesia carbon brick  in steel ladle

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Alumina magnesia carbon brick have a huge advantage in the application of steel ladle

With the development of new technologies such as refining and continuous casting, the temperature of molten steel and the residence time of molten steel in ladle can be prolonged, and the refractory material of steel ladle refractory lining is more serious. So the alumina magnesia carbon brick is developed and achieved the expected effect.

Al2o3-mgo-c brick is characterized with simple construction, moderate cost, convenient unpacking and good use effect. According to the production need, ladle bricks must have good comprehensive performance.In the high alumina matrix, adding MgO powder, aluminum magnesium spinel can be formed at high temperature, improve the performance of the refractory brick.In order to improve alumina magnesia brick slag resistance, thermal shock resistance, adding the right amount of carbon materials. In order to improve the oxidation resistance of the refractory brick, adding the amount of antioxidant.

Alumina magnesia carbon bricks have anti erosion, anti stripping, antioxidant and notsticky residue etc.. Now, They have widely used in ladle in continuous casting and in a certain extent alleviated the low continuous casting ladle life contradiction.

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