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How to overcome the fear of public speaking

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How to overcome the fear of public speaking

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Let me show you how you can eliminate the fear of public speaking.

It is a very simple process. This used to be a very big problem for me until I learned the keys to staying calm while on the spotlight. You see, the fear of public speaking is something most people deal with and it is completely normal. As humans, we are innately yearning to be accepted in the group. This backdates to times where it was critical for survival to be in a community or clan. Our fear of public speaking can be explained as being rejected by the clan.

I talked with Darren Lacroix from Darren is a professional speaker that also coaches presenters. He has 4 questions to ask yourself right before you give a speech. This will help you ease nerves and help you preform at your best. Lets dig in.

1. Are you present?
This one is by far the most important to eliminating the fear of public speaking. When you are nervous you are not present. When you are nervous, your mind is busy thinking about all the bad things that could go wrong. Instead, focus the mind on what is here and now. Take a slow scan of the room and notice the details. Breathe and feel whatever you are feeling. Don’t try to push the “bad” nervous feelings away. Embrace them, be present, and they will go away in seconds. You know if you are not present if everything looks blurry or like you are in a movie.

2. What is your intent?
Get very clear about what your intention is for the presentation. What are you trying to get across to the audience? Your intention should be to give value to the audience. How are you going to engage them? Focus on them and the anxiety of how you will perform go away.

3. Will you have fun?
This is very important. Have fun! If you don’t have fun the audience will not have fun. When your mindset changes to having fun you no longer care about the nervousness and anxiety.

4. How would you give this presentation if you knew this was your last one ever?
What message do the people in front of you need to understand? What value can you give them so they remember you forever? Let them see your passion, emotions, and heart and that will resonate with them. They may never see you again. Will they walk away with the message?
Do these four things and you will certainly rock your next speech. Remember to be present, know your intent, have fun, and give it like it is the last time they will hear you speak. Now, go give a speech without fear and conquer the world.

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