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Kumbaya! - A comedic mini-series

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Kumbaya! - A comedic mini-series

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There are a lot of stereotypes, when it comes to German cinema – or episodic televison for that matter. So you wouldn't necessarily expect a funny slacker-comedy, with slapstick elements, that focuses on religous criticism, coming from the country, which produces oh-so-many depressing, self-important social dramas, that leave you with a bitter taste.

I'm of course not intending to offend anyone, I'm simply stating that "Kumbaya!" is refreshingly different from what I've seen so far coming from the country I call my second home.

Here is the 411:
The show starts with a man (by the name of Jesus), stumbling out of the hospital, with a bandaged head. He finds a girl crying on a park bench. After comforting her – with a very peculiar speech – they exchange numbers.
With her newly boosted confidence, the girl (Eva) shows up for a "job interview" at what looks like the opposite of your average hipster start-up office: A dirty, untidy living room – littered with video games and empty booze bottles.
On the couch, two young slackers – Jacob and David, who don't find it necessary to interrupt their Mario Kart session to interview the girl.
Eva is ready to walk out, but the only thing the two idiots have going for them is their business. They found the thesis for a new religion on the back of one of their pizza boxes, started a new-age internet church and the money keeps flowing onto their paypal account. Now the operation becomes too big and the too need help with the work load, since the only life goal the two have, is not working, but drinking and playing Mario Kart.
So the story unfolds and only gets more enticing and weirder from here.

The format is easily digestible – nine episodes with a total runtime of less than 120 minutes. Of course there are problems here and there and the lack of budget is visible, but there is quite a bit of heart and craft in this show and it's worth taking a look.
After all it's free.

Watch on Youtube:
German with Subtitles
(Link is to the first Episode – the rest are to the right)

Jesus - Nassim Avat /
Eva - Franciska Friede /
Jacob - Sebastian Droschinski /
David - Nick Buckenauer /
Magda - Rike Seidensticker /
Landlord - Thorsten Schneider /
Neighbour - Anika Lehmann /
Kim - Alexa Benkert /
Man in Wheelchair - Mirko Thiele /

Nick Buckenauer & Sebastian Droschinski /

Janco Christiansen /
Dennis Riebenstahl /
Lasse Buchhop /

Director of Photography:
Jonas Langmaack /
Timmi Davis /
Dennis Riebenstahl /

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