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Don't Rush the Season

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This article is a slight departure from my normal travel, what’s good, save the planet story. The Christmas (holiday season) is a beautiful time of the year. The awe inspiring lights, sacred, secular and fun music, provide a background for peace on earth, good will toward men and of course, the reason many businesses can remain in business, Holiday shopping.
While this can be a joyous time, it can also be very hectic.
What I don’t like and seems to bother me the more with age (aging seems to make me more judgmental), is the early start and end to this glorious season. The day after Halloween, the stores are decorating for Christmas. Heaven forbid they would miss out on a few days of commercial lure. A few of the local radio stations begin playing Christmas music 24/7, even then though we’re still three weeks away from the traditional holiday season start on the day after Thanksgiving. Everyone seems to be getting into the act, perhaps from a fear of being “left behind”. Stores are open earlier and earlier on Black Friday, with many stores now open on Thanksgiving. What is this world coming to? Will stores open on Christmas day?(oh yes, some already are). I guess the sense of solitude, peace on earth, and spending time with family, is being shortened to a few hours for the sake of a few extra dollars.
So the first part of the problem is the early start to the “festivities”, and the second part is the early end to this wondrous season. Come December 26, some stores are taking down Christmas, holiday and winter decorations and starting to put up Valentine’s decorations. I was in a store on the day after Christmas(I totally didn’t feel right about that) and the in store radio was playing “Summer Breeze”.
Some people don’t know or believe that the season really has just started. Winter doesn’t officially begin until December 21st. The time between Thanksgiving and Christmas is the season of advent, a time of reflection and preparation.
The radio stations that start playing holiday music the day after Halloween, stop playing it the day after Christmas. They should at least be playing this beautiful music through January 2nd (and beyond). So much Christmas, holiday music is winter music (sometimes we don’t have long cold spells or snow until January ) that can be played much longer than it is.
Many homeowners take down their Christmas trees and outdoor lights a day or two after December 25th. I prefer to leave my tree up until the second week of January. I enjoy the sparkle and colorful glow of the tree and tinsel. I leave my outdoor lights up even longer. Winter days get dark so early; the outdoor lights just brighten up the home, the street and the inner spirit.
To me there’s no reason to start the commercial season so early, and definitely no reason to end it so soon after Christmas. Next year, I hope more people take heed and”Don’t rush the season”.

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