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Why I hate the New York cell phone laws

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Why I hate the New York cell phone laws

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I hate having not being able to hold my cell phone up to my ear while I am driving. If I want to talk on the phone, I find it much more difficult to drive while on speakerphone than I do if I am holding the phone up to my ear. Part of the reason may be that I am looking for police cars the whole time I am on the phone, but nonetheless it is a pain. I really wish that the law would be abandoned.

One thing I do not understand about the law is what is actually the illegal part. If it were holding something in your hand, people would not be allowed to drink their morning coffee and would be required to keep both hands on the wheel. This is not the case, and it is certainly not necessary to keep two hands on the wheel. If this is not the case, then talking in the car must be illegal. Obviously this is not the case as not only do people have conversations with each other in the car, but the law states that you can talk if you are on a bluetooth device.

While I understand that texting, playing games and surfing the web on your phone should be illegal while driving, I do not think that talking on the phone should be. There is no cognitive issue to talk in the car and no physical issue to hold a phone to your ear, keeping one hand off the wheel. Please New York and any other state that has this law in place, get rid of it so I can go back to driving and talking on the phone in comfort.

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