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refractory material for silicon package

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refractory material for silicon package

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The selection or refractory material for silicon package

At present, the most common silicon package is a ton of garden cone silicon package, the diameter of 1.2-1.5 meters, the mouth diameter of about meters.

Although this silicon package with refractory material is not much, but it is very particular about. General silicon package with two castables, one is silicon package with corundum castable, used in the silicon package pouring hole site. One is the silicon package with high-performance castable, used in the package along the silicon package parts.
Silicon package pouring hole, high temperature, impact larger. Optional silicon package special corundum castable, this castable has excellent high temperature performance, and anti-erosion, high temperature state volume stability, when used in silicon package can be cast with corundum castable prefabricated parts (prefabricated general mouth Diameter of 250-300cm height, the mouth diameter of about 150cm. Park cone). This easy to use excellent construction.
Silicon package with high-performance castable silicon package castable silicon package corundum castable 1 ton of silicon package refractory
Silicon cladding is made of refractory alumina brick, brick thickness of about 150cm. The total weight of about 1 ton.
Silicon package along the 10-15 cm at the silicon package with high castable, high-performance castable wear resistance, thermal shock, high strength, heat resistance and strong features, so the package along the edge of high performance Casting material, but also cheap, extremely reasonable.
Although the small package of silicon material is small, but very particular about, such as the wrong choice of refractory material. It is a waste of materials, a waste of costs. Therefore, the choice of materials, it is recommended or use the above materials as well. In this way, that is economical and practical.

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