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Our Itinerary For Our Pennsylvania Vacation

Written by on

Our Itinerary For Our Pennsylvania Vacation

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Our Pennsylvania vacation should be a lot of fun. We are leaving on a Sunday morning and heading to Pine Creek Gorge in northern Pennsylvania. This area is known as the Grand Canyon on Pennsylvania. Our first stop will be Leonard Harrison State Park. Here we plan on seeing some of the great views that the park has to offer. We also hope to see some of the great wildlife and doing some hiking, rollerblading or possibly canoeing. Upon staying overnight, we will go back to Colton Point State Park, where we intend on doing more activities outdoors.

After these parks, we will go south on our way to Gettysburg. On the way, we intend on stopping in Hershey and going to Chocolate World. There are many things you can do in Chocolate World, whether for free on the tour through Chocolate World or paying for things such as making your own chocolate. It is expected to be a few hours and we are hoping to be in Gettysburg by Tuesday evening.

On Wednesday, we are hoping to go to Gettysburg National Military Park. This is obviously a must do in Gettysburg. We will get to see the battleground where so many people gave up their lives for their sides. We will see the monuments and cemeteries which should make for an incredible sight. On Thursday, we plan on going through the town of Gettysburg, including going on a horseback ride through the trails. We would also like to do one of the many famous ghost tours in Gettysburg.

On Friday, we will leave for Allegheny National Forest. We want to go hiking and see a lot of great sights and wildlife. On Saturday, we plan on going canoeing just north of Allegheny through Allegheny Outfitters. This should be about 4 hours. Upon finishing this we will head home to end the vacation.

I am very excited for the trip. The only problem will be that it will come to an end.

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